1960s Halloween Costumes for Women, Men and Children

1960s Halloween Costumes for Adults and Children

1960s Halloween costumes are fun for the whole family. The 1960s was a time of peace, love and music. The hippie fad was prevalent, times were turbulent and people were singing peace songs and dancing to the new beat of rock and roll music.

These cool 1960s Halloween costumes bring us back to an exciting time in history that will never be forgotten. If you are looking for a 1960 Halloween costume for women, men or children, you have a great selection here to choose from, along with some cool costume accessories. You’ll even find plus size 60 costumes highlighted here.

So get prepared for bell bottoms, cool hair and more with these 1960 Halloween costumes, and go out there and spread the love.

1960s Halloween Costumes for Women

Here are some 60s costumes women will love! The colors and designs are retro to that time period. You can add a headband or a flower in your hair, and get some white patent leather go-go boots for a fun effect, and you’ll be all set for your next Halloween party or other costume event.
1960s Halloween costumes are so much fun! The bright bold designs, big hair and bell bottom pants are wild, man!

60's Generation Hippie Purple Haze60’s Generation Hippie Purple HazeSwinging 60's CostumeSwinging 60’s CostumeWomen's Flower Power HippieWomen’s Flower Power Hippie1960's Groovy Lady Costume1960’s Groovy Lady Costume

1960s Costume Accessories Including Wigs

1960s Wigs for Men and Women

60s Halloween costumes are even more fun when you add cool accessories. A hat or wig will top off your outfit, and peace jewelry is always a nice touch (you can search for more once you click on any of the photos featured here).

Cool 1960s Halloween costume accessories will complete your look and add to the fun!

Female Hippy Accessory KitFemale Hippy Accessory KitHippie Peace TambourineHippie Peace Tambourine60s Auburn Flip Wig with Bangs60s Auburn Flip Wig with BangsYeah! Yeah! Yeah! 60s Costume WigYeah! Yeah! Yeah! 60s Costume Wig

Groovy 1960s Costumes for Men

Men, whether you want a leisure suit look or a hippie look here are some 60s costumes men will enjoy. The funky colors and designs will make you smile, and you’ll be proud to step into any Halloween party or other costume event dressed as a 1960s dude!

You can add a wig, some platform shoes, a headband, jewelry and other fun accessories, to complete your 60s costumes men! Now go out there and stay cool, man!

60's Groovy Singer Costume60’s Groovy Singer CostumeMen's Disco Sleazeball 60sMen’s Disco Sleazeball 60sHippie Shirt And WigHippie Shirt And Wig60's Revolution Hippie Far Out Man60’s Revolution Hippie Far Out Man

1960s Costumes for Kids

Boys and Girls Like to Dress Up in 1960s Outfits

These girls’ 60s costumes are so much fun! They are colorful, cheerful and very cool! Girls will love dressing in one of these 1960 Halloween costumes for trick-or-treating or any costume event they plan on attending.

You can add flower accessories or headbands to their hair, or buy them a wig to go with their 1960 Halloween costume. Think bold colors and funky designs, and you’ll have some great 60s costume ideas!

60s 70s Groovy Girl Dress Outfit60s 70s Groovy Girl Dress OutfitFlower Power Hippie Kids CostumeFlower Power Hippie Kids CostumeGroovy Glam Hippie Kids CostumeGroovy Glam Hippie Kids CostumeHippie Flower Power Kids CostumeHippie Flower Power Kids CostumeDaisy Hippie Girl Kids CostumeDaisy Hippie Girl Kids CostumeHippie Toddler Costume ClothesHippie Toddler Costume Clothes

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I am a child of the 60’s – so I relate to these psychedelic 1960’s costumes.

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