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2014 Ford Expedition

2014 Ford Expedition Release Date and Price

On this page, common questions about the 2014 Ford Expedition gets answered! Everything you want or need to know about the latest 2014 Ford Expedition. Like when are the new 2014 Ford Expedition coming out? Where can you buy the 2014 Ford Expedition? How much will the 2014 Ford Expedition cost? These are the questions that people want to know. This page is where you will find the answers to these questions and more. Watch video reviews, check out some cool after market parts, and even buy a used Ford Expedition right here!
*Image Credit It’s a 2010 model

My Review of The 2014 Ford Expedition

Features on the 2014 Ford Expedition
Ford has gave the 2014 Expedition a make over! I think you will like the new looks. People who decide to purchase a Ford Expedition in 2014 will get new options for motors, while getting better fuel economy. The make over includes design techniques to make the car more family friendly and more upscale looking.

When do the 2014 Ford Expedition go on sale?
The new models will roll out very soon. Most likely in the fall of 2013 when car dealers like to roll out the new models.

What’s the price on the 2014 Ford Expedition?
The price information is still not available at the moment, but rumors place the price around $50,000.

What Kind of Changes are They Offering on 2014 Ford Expedition?
A whole redesign is expected in 2014.

When Are 2014 Ford Expedition Coming Out?

When do the 2014 Ford Expedition go on sale?
When can you buy a 2014 Ford Expedition?
Late fall of 2013 possibly

Video Review of 2014 Ford Expedition

Learn More By Watching This Video Review. Learn more about the latest features and changes added to the Ford Expedition models by watching this video review.

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