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2014 Honda CR-Z

My 2014 Honda CR-Z Review with Video

When is the new 2014 Honda CR-Z coming out? Read my review of the 2014 Honda CR-Z vehicles. What kind of changes can you expect on the 2014 Honda CR-Z? What is the price of a new Honda CR-Z? All that and more information with video reviews and pictures and photos of the next version of these Honda vehicles are waiting for you below! The Honda CR-Z will have 140 horsepower delivered from a hybrid motor borrowed from the Honda Insight. If you like vehicles that are fun to drive, efficient and affordable, this one will be for you.
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*Notice about image – It may or may not be a 2014 Honda CR-Z! It is hard to find commercial free images of a car not even made yet :)

My Review of the 2014 Honda CR-Z

Don’t buy a 2014 Honda CR-Z until you read my review!

Features on the 2014 Honda CR-Z
An electric hybrid motor borrowed from the Honda Insight will power this fun and sport car up to 140 horsepower. A cousin to the CRX, the CR-Z is a two seater that is very fun to drive.

CR-Z is shorthand for “Compact Renaissance Zero”

Pros of owning a 2014 Honda CR-Z
Hybrid motor with 140 horsepower! Will be extra fun to drive. The Honda CR-Z will have a motor and battery platform currently used in the Honda Insight.

Cons of owning a 2014 Honda CR-Z
? unknown

How Much Will a 2014 Honda CR-Z Cost?
not yet determined

Click here to view more pictures of the 2014 Honda CR-Z

When Are The 2014 Honda CR-Z Coming Out?

You can find the 2014 Honda CR-Z parked on Honda Car Dealers lots in the fall of 2013.

Video Reviews of the 2014 Honda CR-Z

Ready to buy a 2014 Honda CR-Z? Watch these reviews first!

You’re gonna love The Honda CR-Z in 2014. Honda will present this sporty little car to American markets in early 2013 under the 2014 sticker model.

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Honda has went and done it again

The latest Honda CRZ is the newest sport/hybrid vehicle coming from the Japanese car maker. Honda says the latest CRZ is everything a hybrid is, and isn’t. The CRZ will have an estimated MPG of 35 city/39 on the highway. It has a 3 mode driving system- sport/normal/economy. An available 6 speed manual with paddle shifters. A Bluetooth hands free link , and the Honda Satellite-linked Nav system ( on e EX model).

If you are a Honda fan, and you are searching for a new car, maybe the latest Honda sport/hybrid is just the ride you need. The 2014 Honda CRZ also comes with a USB audio port, and a 160 watt audio system with 6 speakers. The CRZ also comes factory with 16″ rims. Honda has always been able to provide affordable sportiness in their line of automobiles. The all new Honda CRZ sport/hybrid…check it out.

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  1. Susan

    Excellent review. We probably won’t buy for a couple years but we were thinking about a Honda

  2. Larry

    Nothing beats good gas mileage!

  3. RAW

    When I saw this car on the road.. I thought it was an older car. WOW!

  4. Anna

    Looking very hot, I’ve never had a Mazda but they are well known for being reliable cars!

  5. Ted

    Stylish looks…

  6. Steve

    Liked!! Honda CR-Z great car

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