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3 Top Rugged Cameras 2012

If you’re looking for the top rugged cameras, 2012 is a good year to be shopping. Several major manufacturers have released new models that offer substantial improvements in resolution, creative control and speed over last year’s models. Here are some of the winners for 2012.

Top Rugged Camera for Resolution – Sony DSC-TX200v

With its 18.2 MP CMOS sensor, the Sony TX200v has blown its competitors in the compact waterproof camera market right out of the water. The TX200v has the highest-resolution in the “point and shoot” market, easily beating out the Nikon AW100 (16 MP) and Panasonic TS4 (16.1 MP).

top rugged cameras 2012 - sony tx200v

The TX200v’s 3.3-inch OLED is also the winner when it comes to screen size, and the camera outperforms the competition in continuous shooting, too, offering the ability to shoot bursts of 10 frames per second at a full 18.2 megapixels.

Of course, the camera also offers features found on other rugged cameras like HD video and shockproof and dustproof. The Sony TX200v is the priciest point-and-shoot camera, but if you want the top rugged camera for 2012, this is it.

top rugged cameras 2012 - panasonic ts4Top Rugged Camera for Creative Control – Panasonic TS4
The Panasonic TS4 may not offer the high resolution of the Sony TX200v, but it comes packed with plenty of features not found in the Sony camera, and at a much lower cost. The TS4 replaces the Panasonic TS3, which was an extremely popular waterproof camera, and you’ll see many of the same features in its latest incarnation – 12.1 MP resolution, 1080p HD video, waterproof to 40 feet (the highest of any point and shoot), shockproof to 6.6 feet, dustproof and freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to these features, the TS4 offers a GPS system, compass, altimeter and even barometer, and it allows users to set the shutter speed and aperture, a feature lacking in other compact point-and-shoot waterproof cameras. It also comes with a variety of scene modes, 3-D capabilities, face detection, panorama mode, and many other fun tools to help you capture the best shots.

top rugged cameras 2012 - nikon s30Top Rugged Camera for Budget Shoppers
For many people, the biggest drawback to buying a rugged cameras is the price. Models such as the Panasonic TS4 and the Sony TX200v, as well as most other quality cameras in the waterproof shockproof category, can run anywhere from $300 – $500. Cheaper models are available, but typically don’t offer many features and have very low resolution. The Nikon S30 is changing that.

One of two waterproof Nikon cameras, the S30 is priced around $120, making it affordable for many families and folks on a budget, but it still offers features such as 720p HD video and 10 MP resolution. In addition, it allows users to add special effects such as soft focus, starburst, diorama and fisheye effects right in the camera, and it includes a variety of scene settings for portraits, fireworks, underwater shots, food and more. This makes it one of the highest-quality, feature-rich cameras in the budget rugged camera category.

Each of these cameras will take great photos and videos, so be sure to read some underwater camera reviews before you make a decision on which one is right for you.

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  1. I like that Lumix! Nice looking digital camera and I’m sure it will be hugely popular as a Christmas gift!

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