4th of July Decorations

This 4th of July – Decorate with American Pride

Patriotic Bunting 2-Sided Pleated Flag 58Patriotic Bunting 2-Sided Pleated Flag 58″ x 27″

Every year I say I’m going to decorate for the 4th of July, and every year I get busy with other summer activities and before I know it the 4th is upon me and my yard is once again – unadorned.

This year I’m starting early – planning and shopping around to find the most patriotic decorations I can find within my budget – and maybe one or two things just out of my normal price range. (I’m figuring on all the years that I didn’t decorate I saved money – so this first year I’m going to splurge a little).


Patriotic Bunting

Nothing Dresses up A Porch or Deck like a Red, White, & Blue Bunting

One of the classiest looking outdoor decorations for your home has got to be the traditional red, white and blue bunting. Hanging from a porch rail, the roof line, or even under the windows adds that patriotic elegance to most any home or business. They come in a few styles, some more elegant, others a bit more frilly – you can choose from the ones below to select the one that best suits your homes exterior.

Online Stores Printed Polyester Pleated Fan, 3 by 6-FeetValley Forge Heritage Series Antiqued 1-1/2-Foot x 3-Foot Striped Mini Fan With Stars BuntingOnline Stores Sewn Polyester Pleated Fan, 18 by 36-InchLarge Half-Round Cotton Duck Patriotic Vintage Bunting with EmbroideryPatriotic Fabric Bunting (red, white, blue) Party Accessory  (1 count) (1/Pkg)3'x5' PATRIOTIC AMERICAN EAGLE FLAG, America bunting banner


Fly Old Glory

Show You’re Proud To Be An American

Nothing proclaims your American Pride quite like the proud display of our Star Spangled Banner, Old Glory, The American Flag. I keep a flag out year round, and each time I walk in our out of my front door, I am reminded of what this great country was built upon and stands for. I cry when there are displays of the flag and we must sing the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance, for the tears of pure joy can’t help but flow when I am reminded that I am an American.

When I was young, I was taught about the proper care and etiquette to use when handling the American Flag and I urge all parents, teachers and civic leaders to ensure that our youth are taught to respect and honor the symbol of our great nations core beliefs, and most importantly – how hard fought our freedom has been over the hundreds of years that our nation has stood strong and united.

Below are a few varieties of our American Flag. Sizes vary from 3′ x 5′ to 8′ x 12′ so choose the style and size that will show off your patriotic home in the flags best light.



A more Subtle Approach to 4th of July Decorations

Garden Flags, Stick Flags and Staked Decorations

If you aren’t able to go all out with large scale decorations to proclaim your pride and patriotism, there are more subtle yard decorations that may be more to your homes style.

Garden Flags with a Patriotic Theme, Small Stick Flags that you can line your driveway or use in flower boxes, and small garden style signs that you can nestle among your plants make a big statement in a little way. Plus they Look Amazing! You can get some great ideas from the selection of some of our favorites below.

Garden Flags



Small 4th of July Stick Flags & Garden Stake Signs



July Fourth Inflatable Decorations

When You Just Gotta Go BIG!

When decorating outdoors this 4th of July holiday, I’m seriously liking the idea of the huge Uncle Sam inflatable decoration, along with some patriotic American Eagle standing watch over my front porch. How would that be for shouting out that yeah – I’m Proud To Be An American!



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  1. These are great 4th of July decor ideas

  2. I do appreciate the garden flags especially the ones that look like cross stitch. May not be but very pretty.

  3. These 4th of July decorations are great! Patriotic decorations can be used several times a year too.

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