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5 Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas

Fun yet simple Halloween decorating ideas for the home

When searching for indoor Halloween decorating ideas, the range of options is quite wide. In fact there are as plenty ideas as the space allows inside your house.

I recommend planning your Halloween decorations before the holiday. You should stard with a visit in the attic, the cellar or the garage to check and see what’s left from last year. Then once you’re aware of the type of ornaments that you can start your decor with, make a list of the necessary items you should buy to complete the setting.

Candles Are Great Halloween Home Decorating Items

The easiest Halloween decorations are candles

Bejeweled Display® Halloween Stain Glass Candle Holder

When looking for easy holiday decorating ideas for the home, we generally don’t think to shortcuts or easy as a pie ideas. There are ideas that are so easy that nobody would have think about them. For exemple, candles are the easiest Halloween decorating ideas you could dream of!

Candles, used outdoor and indoor aree different than the traditional Jack’O Lantern carved out of pumpkins. Candle holders come in a wide range of spooky designs that can be placed all around the house, providing it with a creepy look.

For example, you can place some skull-shaped candle holders in darker corners of the rooms or pumpkin candles all around the living room and light them at night. Another idea is to get some Gothic candelabras and display them on top of the mantelpiece to spread their scary shadows on the walls.

Make sure that these holders are secured and won’t be close to flammable objects.

Some original Halloween candles and candle holders to consider

From candelabra to lantern, from classic Halloween-ish candle holder to decorated candles, stores provide you with a large range of options. The trend these days is the use of LED or battery powered candles; which are 100% secure.

Halloween Black Spiderweb Candelabra14in LED Candelabra (Standard)Halloween Lantern w/Flickering LED CandleBat Shaped Metal Hanging LanternsSinister Skull with LanternSet 3 Lighted Halloween Skeleton CandlesNOMA/INLITEN-IMPORT LED CandleWitch’s Boot Iron Black Taper Candle Holder

Creepy Vases Make Great Halloween Decorating Ideas

Homemade Halloween-ish Vases

Look around the house and see if you have one or two – or more – transparent glass vases that you don’t use. If so, you can easily turn them into stunning Halloween decorations for your home.

Here’s how to decorate Halloween vases:

* Get some Halloween-ish images from online stores or find some free to use on the Internet.
* Print the images (make sure they fit the size of your vases)
* Place the printed images in the vase and secure with tape
* Using special glue, colors, glitter, etc. draw the image on the vase – because the image is securely taped into the vase you can’t go wrong
* Sprinkle glitters on the glue
* Once the glue has dried, fill the vases with black sprayed dead branches or dead flowers.

These will make great ornaments for any room.

Don’t have any vase to recycle? Then why don’t you get some glasses on which you can also paint some critters. Use them for the Halloween party you’re planning or for your everyday dinner during the holiday time.

Materials to buy for homemade Halloween vases:

Loctite 2-Gram Instant Glass GlueMartha Stewart Crafts Iridescent GlitterPlaid PROMOGGII Gallery Glass Acrylic PaintCrayola 8 Count Washable Window Markers

How to make a Candy Corn Halloween vase

Quick and easy wired wool craft

Using wired wool, you can quickly and effortlessly turn transparent glasses into cute and decorative Halloween candy corn vases.

For such a craft, you will need:

* Transparent glass vases
* Double face scotch
* Ivory, orange and yellow wired wool rolls

The video will walk you through the making of these cute Halloween candy corn vases.

Halloween Home Decoration Ideas To Make out of Paper

Paper is probably the cheapest way to create creepy Halloween decorations?

Crepe paper or tissue paper are among the cheapest materials to create Halloween decorations. Tissue and crepe paper can be found in orange and black; which are Halloween-ish colors. You can use them to decorate some tree branches that you can put into a big black vase. Then glue a raven that you bought from the store on one of the branches and here you are: you’ve got a very scary table centerpiece!

You can also decorate the windows using garlands made out of crepe paper. These can easily be turned into spider garlands, bat garlands, etc. Another idea for using such materials is by curring Halloween shapes out of it (spiders, bats, ravens, cats, witches, brooms, etc.) and stick them to the windows.

With tissue and crepe paper, Halloween decoration options are almost endless and they make excellent materials to be used for Halloween crafts with the children.

Spider Webs Make Great Halloween Home Decorating Elements

How to easily set up a Halloween-ish atmosphere?

4 yards x 30″ CREEPY CLOTH – spooky halloween decoration

Spider webs have always been associated with witches, darker corners of castles, ghosts, etc.

You can use such indoor Halloween decoration ideas with spider webs created by you or you can buy those directly from the specialized stores: they’re rather cheap items.

For a more dramatic effect, I suggest to hang add some very horrible spiders to the webs that you’ll hang on the walls or from the ceiling. These creepy beings can be found in any good retailing store.

In case you wish to provide the spider web some motion, then I suggest to install a fan to blow some air behind it. This will make it look creepier.


Giant Spider Web (white; 4 – 2 spiders included)Giant Spider Web (black; 4 – 2 spiders included)

Use and Abuse of Halloween Stickers

Quick, easy and cheap Halloween decorating ideas

Stickers are among the best and easiest Halloween decorating ideas. The one displayed above is awful isn’t it? This door cover for the fridge will turn your kitchen into a creepy area very easily. Your windows can also become creepy eyes, while your bathroom door can hide a bloody crime or you can spread spiders all over your walls, etc. As you can see, the idea is simple but effective. And you can use and abuse of it in all the areas of your home!

Witch’s Brew Door CoverRefrigerator Door CoverBloody Door CoverCreepy Crapper Restroom Door CoverShady Spiders Window DecorationGrim Reaper Window DecorationEthereal Ghost ClingElegant Witch Window ClingSpiders – 40 vinyl lettering decalBats -f 25 vinyl lettering decal

A Creepy Halloween Village Display

Miniature houses and scary figurines make fantastic Halloween decorating ideas

Dept 56 Ghostly Carousel Snow Village Halloween

A great way to decorate the house for the holiday is through the use of a Halloween village display. These villages are made using buildings, characters and accessories produced by Dept 56.

Dept 56 provides you with different collections that you can choose from: the Snow Village Halloween and the Spooky Hollow, for example, work really well when conceiving a spooky display.

You can make a great creepy decorating area using some buildings, the rail station, the engine and the wagon as well as a few banks and characters. There’s no need of several dozens of items to make your Halloween village stand out. The very first year, start small. You’ll be able to collect additional items year after year.


Dept 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Hearse AccessoryHalloween Snow Village from Dept 56 Haunted Rails Caboose

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