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A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you need to sleep? If you are tired and irritable, I’ll bet you would love to get your health back with a natural remedy. A health nutritional supplement that will not only correct a deficiency, but can help your body continue to correct itself. A good night’s sleep affects almost every aspect of your health.

When you get better sleep, you have more control over your weight. Lying awake in bed, with your mind recalling every stressful moment you had, spinning around what you coulda woulda shoulda said or done, prevented, fixed, releases stress hormones that result in you feeling hungrier all the time. With you maintaining an under-slept condition, your hormones are unbalanced, and easy weight control is out of your grasp.

You need to sleep about eight hours a night, every night and AT night, in order for your body to function optimally. You need to eat a diet of uncontaminated freshly prepared foods every day, to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals so that your brain can produce melatonin, the hormone that tells your brain to go into sleep mode. Since our current foods are grown in mineral depleted soils, mineral supplements are necessary.

Your body is actually very busy when you are asleep, performing specific detoxification functions, and re-balancing your nervous system. If you wake up sufficiently rested, you can maintain a positive attitude. Every day will truly be your new day, and despite past failures or disappointments, you are ready to get going towards your life’s dreams and goals.

Natural Sleep Aids

A natural sleep aid is best formulated to fulfill nutritional deficiencies so that the sleep deprivation can stop, immediately. Melatonin has this effect for many people. The ideal plan is to also be taking a remedy that eventually activates the processes that have ceased to function correctly, which then allow the body to create more melatonin itself.

Native Rest is such a formula. It is designed to help you get your life back, and every night, to get a good night’s sleep.

Get Better Sleep


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