A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper

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book bag

A Secret Identity by Gayle Roper

A Secret Identity is book 2 of the Amish Farm Trilogy by Gayle Roper. Cara Bently, an author, has came to Bird-In Hand, PA in search of some information on the birth family of her Grandfather Bentley (Pops) who had recently died.

Pops and Mom Bentley had raised Cara and her brother, Ward, after their parents’ death in an auto accident. After Pops death Cara was looking at old photos and found an manila envelope containing adoption papers for Pops. It gave his birth name and showed that he had been born in Lancaster County PA.

A Secret Identity

A Secret Identity

Cara goes to Bird-In-Hand and hires a young lawyer, Todd Reasoner, to help her obtain information. Todd helps her find an Amish family, the Zook’s, to live with while she is there. The Zook’s son Jake had been injured during his “run around days” on a motorcycle and is a paraplegic. Jake rents out rooms to get money to go to college. His house is attached to his parents who are Amish.

Cara is looking for anyone who may be related to Lehman Biemsderfer ( Pop’s birth name). She starts by calling all the Biemsderfer’s in the phone book and discovers Alma Biemsderfer Stoltzfus who has done some genealogy and is told by several that she needs to speak to Aunt Lizzie who is in a senior facility.

Todd goes with here to meet some of these people and he starts falling in love with Cara. Not all these people were interested in meeting her and they were not kind about it.

I greatly enjoyed this book and if you want to know what Cara finds out and all the exciting things that happened you should read it too.

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