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Creepy Addams Family Costumes for Halloween

Addams Family Characters Are The Best Scary Costumes Match for Halloween

Addams Family costumes are weird, macabre but lots of fun. They can be made at home or purchased from the store. So if you’re looking for creative Halloween costumes, this page will provide you with the most popular Addams Family characters fancy dresses.

Gothic clothes are trendy these years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end before long. Luckily, costume designers did things well as they conceived a wide range of different black styled clothes to get dressed in.

Dressed in the Addams Family costumes, you’re going to stand out from the crowd this October 31st.

Intro image: via Wikimedia Commons.

Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia is the mother, she always wear a long black dress

The Addams Family mother is Morticia. If you have basic sewing skills, it is enough for you to create this type of masquerade attire. So here is how to make the first of these Addams Family Halloween costumes.

Rubies Womens Morticia Addams Family Gothic Vampire Witch Halloween Costume, L (12-14)

This Morticia black long gown features spiderweb style sleeves and fits with your silhouette. It is available in small, medium and large.

Complete your Morticia look:

* Apply white makeup on your face,
* Draw the outline of your eyes with black eyeliner
* Apply black mascara on your eyelashes and black pencil on your eyebrows.
* Put dark red or black lipstick on your lips and black varnish on your nails or paste false black fingernails.
* Dress your head with a black wig.

Gomez Addams Costumes

Gomez is the family father and is known for his cigar

The Addams Family father is Gomez Addams. He is well known for the cigar he always smokes and his striped suit. Two different suits are offered on the market, however the other one looks more like a prisonner suit.

Men’s Gomez Addams Grand Heritage Costume

This Gomez Addams costume is officially licensed and consists of striped jacket coupled with shirt front, bow tie and handkerchief and matching pants.

Complete your Gomez look:

* Get a pocket watch
* Stick or draw a false black moustache on your face
* Hold a fake cigar in your hand
* Add the finishing touches by dressing a black wig or spread black hairspray on your hair

Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday is the Addam couple’s daughter and always tortures her brother

There are two children in the Addams Family. The first one of them is their daughter, Wednesday.

Addams Family Child’s Wednesday Addams Costume, Large

This Wednesday Addams costume set includes a knee-length black dress with white collar and cuffs as well as a belt. It comes in small, medium and large sizes for children and adult sizes are also available.

To perfect your Wednesday Addams look you will need:

* Black tights and black shoes
* White makeup on your face
* Highlight your eyes with grey eye shadow and apply light pink lipstick on your lips
* Dress a black wig that you put in two pigtails

Pugsley Addams Costume

How to make a Pugsley costume

The second child of the Addams Family is a boy named Pugsley. He is his sister’s favorite victim. Halloween outfits based on this character are certainly the easiest of the Addams family costumes to make!

Here are the elements you’ll need to create this attire:

* A white T-shirt with black horizontal stripes (opt for a long-sleeved shirt if weather isn’t warm enough)
* Black shorts
* White Socks
* Black sneakers

French Toast Little Boys’ Pull-On Short, BlackStriped Patched Long Sleeve Shirts TopAirwalk Boy’s Black Kids’ Rio Casual 12.5 Regular

It is as simple as that.

Uncle Fester Costume

Uncle Fester is Morticia’s uncle and always wears a frock

Another great Addams character to feature this Halloween would be Uncle Fester. Uncle Fester was originally Gomez’ uncle-in-law, who became in the movies, Gomez’ brother.

Men’s Uncle Fester Addams Family Costume XL

This Uncle Fester fancy dress includes a robe with attached hood and belt made out of cord and a grey mask. You can find it in standard sizes and also extra-large.

Perfect your Uncle Fester look:

* Apply grey powder to your face and black powder or face painting around your eyes
* Do not forget to hide your hair to add the finishing touches to Uncle Fester’s costume :)

You are done.

Cousin It from the Addams Family Costumes

Will we ever know what’s hidden behind Cousin It’s hair?

Cousin It provides you with an unique idea for Addams Family costumes. We’ll probably never know what Cousin It looks like in reality but this costume is so fantastic that we finally don’t really care, do we?

Deluxe Hairy Cousin Wig Costume

This incredible Cousin It costume consists of two different parts: one is a wig that you put on your head, the other one is some kind of poncho that you wear on your shoulders. The combination of both elements turn out to be the exact same character as the Addams Family’s hairy cousin. Derby hat and sunglasses are included in the set.

There are plenty of options to choose a costume from within the Addams family. For example you could create a Lurch, the servant costume or Grandma, etc.

This page was first published in 2009 on Squidoo dot com, it was transfered to HubPages in 2014 where it was updated and is now on WN. © Holly-Day.com

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