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Adult Ballet And Ballet Pointe Shoes

Many people would like to take adult ballet. And even dream about achieving the ballet technique to get into ballet pointe shoes. And why not. Is this you?

Traditionally, this idea has seemed to be something strictly off limits. Yet, if an adult was to gain the ballet technique, starting at just once a week, after a semester, or about three months, they – you – could you build the muscle strength to continue?

Why Is Ballet A Good Choice For Adult Exercise Classes?

  • careful calculated development of muscle strength
  • burns calories
  • correct ballet technique prevents dance injuries
  • high intensity exercise good for bone density
  • great boost for metabolism
  • increases circulation
  • soulful artistic workout, not just pumping iron

That is a short list as to why many adults choose ballet classes. And men like ballet too.

But what if you actually want to get into those beautiful pink satin ballet pointe shoes? Or white pointe shoes, or black pointe shoes.

Here is your most important tip. Every single ballet barre exercise you do contributes to you getting into pointe shoes. From day one, barre exercise one. Dancing in pointe shoes is exactly the same as dancing in soft shoes. The assumption, however, is, that you have learned ballet technique correctly.

What Is Good Ballet Technique?

  • posture with natural curves in your spine, using the core muscles
  • correct neutral pelvic placement – no tipping forward or back
  • ballet turnout from the hips using the rotator muscles – not your butt muscles
  • developing the intrinsic or sole of the foot muscles with every foot movement
  • ballet stretches – learning myofascial release and correct muscle stretching exercises

That is a short but important list. And will keep you busy for a couple of years! You will love it.

But What If I REALLY Want To Dance In Pointe Shoes?

Learn  how to increase muscle strength. Special exercises that develop the tiny foot muscles can prepare you for pointe. Both women and men in ballet should learn these exercises. Pointe shoe exercise starts in abllet class, with every battement tendu, degage, with every foot movement.

Yet, there are exercises that are never taught in traditional ballet classes, that sensitize and strengthen the tiny foot muscles, the toe muscles and the arch muscles. Even if you never dance in ballet pointe shoes, these exercises will increase your ballet foot control.

This factor alone will contribute to your technique, your jumping, or allegro, and your ability to prevent dance injuries.

Developing this kind of refined control and strength will also prevent shin splints and Achilles Tendon injuries, because the lower leg muscles get over-exerted when the foot muscles are weak. They will “pinch-hit” for the foot muscles, pointing and flexing the foot, if the foot is weak.

Even younger dancers are at risk for these kinds of injuries if they have weak feet, but students in adult ballet classes are at even more of a disadvantage if they do not learn how this works.

I have taught many adult ballet classes, and I recommend The Perfect Pointe Book for both women and men in ballet, who would like to practice in ballet pointe shoes.

Get The Muscle Strength You Need

Adult Ballet – You Can Learn It!


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