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Adults Dressing Up For Halloween

I believe I have seen more adults dressing up and enjoying Halloween than I have children recently! Do I mind, of course not! I love dressing up, and now that I’m grown it’s even more fun! I’ve noticed that some people seem to care though, that give that “look” like, “really aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” Well my answer to that is, “sure, I’m too old to trick or treat, but I’m never to old to have fun!”

That is what Halloween is supposed to be about isn’t it? Fun! Why should there be any restrictions on that? I say if someone is having a good time, leave them alone. As long as they aren’t drinking and driving, putting anyone’s life in danger, or hurting someone else with their actions, why should everyone else care?

So if you are an adult, and you like to dress up for Halloween, go for it! Do it and don’t care about those stupid looks or everyone’s opinion. Be responsible and adult-like, but still, by all means, have a good time.

On that note, I have seen a lot of really great adult costumes out there now! Hopefully everyone will enjoy Halloween and its “spirit” this year!

Happy haunting!

Happy Halloween From Sunny New Jersey!


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