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A&E Storage Wars – What’s It All About

A&E Storage Wars is one of my new favorite shows to watch on television. I love many of the reality TV shows, such as the dancing and singing shows. And then my friend, Thomas introduced me to Duck Dynasty on A&E which became a new obsession, and of course that led me to watching A&E and I found Storage Wars! I’m in love.

A&E Storage Wars is the reality TV show about what happens to storage lockers that have been abandoned by their owners. And the people that make a living at bidding and winning the auctions that result from that abandonment and the treasures or trash that are found within those storage bins.

Sometimes they find amazing fun old antiques that are really worth a ton of money. And sometimes they find what they think is awesome and it turns out to be worthless. But many times they find just enough to break even. Sometimes the bids are outlandish and way over bid due to the rivalry of some of the key players bidding each other up. If you’ve ever bid on eBay you know exactly what I mean. There are times that you simply will not be outbid, even when it gets foolish. That happens here. Other times they get the storage unit for a very cheap price and find great stuff inside. Barry got a locker for $1 once.

It’s very entertaining and you get caught up in the different personalities and you root for your favorite to get a good locker. It’s all fun. Some folks like to say it is fake and they plant things in the lockers. Others say who cares? It is a show for entertainment and really what “reality” show isn’t assisted to be sure the audience is entertained. No matter which way you feel about it, Storage Wars is a very fun and entertaining show that I will keep watching.

This page is going to introduce you to A&E Storage Wars and the Auction Players that make the show so entertaining and addictive. And if you already love A&E Storage Wars you are just going to enjoy this page. There are also several memorabilia items for the fans of Storage Wars and some DVD’s to help others become fans, in general there are many ways to enjoy Storage Wars for you here.

Cast of A&E Storage Wars

A signed collector’s piece

A&E Storage WarsStorage Wars Cast by 5 Signed 8×10 Photo Certified Authentic JSA

Brandi And Jarrod of A&E Storage Wars

The sassy married couple that is learning to make a living at storage auctions

A&E Storage WarsStorage Wars Cast Brandi and Jarrod Signed 8×10 Photo Authentic

Brandi is getting those Crazy Eyes

Maybe I better stop bidding.

Jarod – A&E Storage War$

Barry Weiss Autographed Photo

The collector on Storage Wars

Barry Weiss,

Barry Weiss’ Technique for Shock and Awe

How distraction can be a technique for winning the bid.

Dave Hester Autographed Photo – Genuine Collectable

The Mogul of Storage Wars

Dave Hester ‘Storage Wars’ Signed 8×10 Photo Certified Authentic JSA

I Am NOT a Monster!

I’m just a victim of my


Dave Hester – Storage War$

Luck VS. Skill

What does it take to be good at Storage Auctions?

The Inside Scoop on Storage Wars and Auctions

There actually is a method to this madness

A&E Storage Wars T-Shirts – Look the Part

Classic Lines from Storage Wars

YUUUP! T-shirt (Large, Grey)Storage Wars Men’s The Collector, Off White, SmallStorage Wars This is the Wow Factor Tv T Shirt 2XL BlackStorage Wars – Mens Distressed Logo T-Shirt Large BlackStorage Wars Money Owns This Town A&E TV Show T-Shirt-smallStorage Wars GameMay the Vaults Be With YouBest of Storage Wars: Life in the LockerStorage Wars: Season 1Just Deserts

A Very Difficult Way to Make a Buck

Stars of Storage Wars Talk About How Tough This Business Really Is.

The Entire First Season of A&E Storage Wars – Get To Know The Cast.

Storage Wars Season 1 and Season 2

Get caught up and find out what all the fuss is about. Learn the main cast and learn their quirks. A&E Storage wars – great entertainment.

Storage Wars: Season 1Storage Wars, Volume 2

More Storage Wars T-Shirts – Quotes by The Stars of the Show

Clever quips that make you stop and say… huh?

Jarrod’s Storage Locker Wisdom- t-shirt – StoragePay The Lady – t-shirt – Storage WarsBarry Weiss STD – Storage Wars T ShirtsBrandi’s Crazy eyes, hoodieDave Hester is not a monster – Storage Wars T-shirtBrandi – Quote – Storage Wars T ShirtStorage Locker Junkie – Barry Weiss Hooded PulloverStorage Wars – Darrell Sheets Quote T ShirtA&E Storage Wars – Darrell Sheets Quote Tee Shirts

What Really Happens With All That Junk?

What Really Happens With All That Junk?

If You Are Enjoying A&E Storage Wars …

Here is Season 3 and Season 4! Enjoy

Storage Wars: Volume 3Storage Wars 4

Behind the Scenes of A&E Storage Wars

The auctioneers and players of Storage Wars explain the Ins and Outs of Auctions

Bubble Wrap Means Fragile

Fragile Means Valuable

storage locker wisdom by Jarrod

There Is A Certain Style To Be A Storage Wars Contender

Get Your Swager On

Jarrod Quote – Cup – Storage Wars Coffee MugStorage Locker Wisdom by Jarrod -Hat -Storage WarsDarrell Sheets Quote – Cup – Storage Wars Coffee MugsHe puts the D in Dumb – Hat -Storage WarsBarry Weiss STD Cap- Storage Wars Mesh HatBrandi’s Crazy eyes mug Jumbo MugDave Hester Not a Monster Cup Coffee Mug


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  1. I love Storage Wars! And the newer one, Storage Wars Texas (of course), too. Hubby and I used to go to estate auctions, flea markets and yard sales for our eBay merchandise. I would just LOVE to buy some storage units just for the fun of it. LOL!

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