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Aerobic Exercise Makes You Store Body Fat

Medical research has now shown that aerobic exercise will actually cause you to store body fat. If you love cardio, you don’t have to give it up. You can add one or two sessions a week of a different physical activity such as weight training or a paced exert/rest interval training. This way you will lose and not gain body fat.

Weight training is an excellent choice of physical activity, especially if you’re older. While you hope your heart has the capacity to exert itself when needed, the demand for heart exertion is less if your other muscles are stronger. Also lung capacity is a requirement for a long life, in fact it’s a determining factor.

Another element of beneficial activity is to exhaust the muscle by engaging the fast twitch muscle fibers. For example, you can do thirty quick squats and tire your thigh muscles. This is a lower intensity movement, which engages the slow and enduring muscle twitch fibers. However, it does not burn body fat, or keep the muscle tissue sensitive to insulin, a factor in not gaining weight.

Pacing a sequence of motion such as squats, jumping jacks and lunges (with or without a weight) with intervals of rest, followed by a slightly increased exertion, is the way to burn body fat, for hours after you stop exercising and are into your recovery period.

How Hard Should The Exertion Be In Your Physical Activity?

Exercise should be challenging, yet enjoyable. Something you look forward to. This is one of the reasons that PACE, the style of physical activity I’ve been describing, is becoming popular. So you choose the level of difficulty to start from.

If you have had any medical problems, of course you should ask your doctor first how much you can do. Any physical activity will give you health benefits, and almost any medical condition can be improved from:

  • increased circulation
  • losing body fat
  • increased “good mood” endorphins
  • better sleep
  • lowered body fat percentage

Learn more about Pace physical activity and start losing body fat!

Lose body fat with the right physical activity

Lose body fat with the right physical activity


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