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Alarm Clock Head Pops Off

This Alarm Clock Head Pops Off

Have you seen the alarm clock that head pops off on TV? The clocky alarm clocks are the fun way to get your kids to get out of bed.

Do you have a teen that seems impossible to get up in the morning, like I do? Every morning, especially school mornings I go to wake my son up and all I get are grunts and groans. I turn the lights on and off, take off his covers, holler, “you’re going to be late for school.” No matter what I do he doesn’t budge! It used to take so long to get him up and I would get frustrated. I bet he did too! I needed to find something to solve this problem. That’s when we found the little monster looking alarm clock that head pops off.

Learning to wake up on your own is an important life skill. Children don’t wanna be late for school and adults certainly don’t want to be late for work. You’re not gonna be a snoozer abuser with this alarm, it won’t stop till you put the top back on.

Makes a great gift for children of all ages!

Pop Clocky Commercial

Alarm Clock Head Pops Off

Gilbert, Sunny, Charlie & Rosie

Meet the family of clocky alarm clocks, I’m not sure if they are supposed to be animals or monsters, but they sure are cute. pop clocky

•Gilbert (green)

•Sunny (yellow)

•Charlie (blue)

•Rosie (pink).

Set the time you want to get up. Instead of an annoying alarm beep, beep ,beep… you’ll hear a special wake up tune. The large led screen makes it easy to see. Made from a durable soft plastic.The alarm clocks head will pop off your bedside table until you wake up. Then jump out of bed and insert the head to turn off the alarm.

Pop Clocky, GilbertCheck PricePop Clocky, SunnyCheck PricePop Clocky, CharlieCheck PricePop Clocky, RosyCheck Price

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  1. OMG these are hysterical! Where were these when I was late for work all the time!

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