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Along Wooded Paths

Along Wooded Paths

 Along Wooded Paths is an Amish romance by Tricia Goyer. It takes place in Montana.

Marianna, her parents, and all the siblings except Levi who had left the Amish faith, had moved from Indiana to Montana. Marianna had left her boyfriend, Aaron Zook, behind and when she was to return to Indiana she got off the train at the first stop and returned home.

Aaron had built a cabin for him and Marianna and now her mom has contacted him to come to Montana to see her. He is getting on a train headed that way. No one but her mom knows he is coming.

Marianna has made a few new friends since she started working at the store, some are Amish and some Englisher. One of them is Ben Stone, an Englisher who drives Amish and makes deliveries. They are starting to fall in love with each other and people are talking about how they look at each other.

Along Wooded Paths

Along Wooded Paths

Aaron gets to the train station and finds a driver that Marianna’s Mom had arranged to bring him to their house. On the way the driver loses control of the vehicle and Aaron gets a leg broken. Marianna hears about the accident at work and learns that it is an Amish guy from Indiana named Aaron Zook.

When she gets home her parents have brought Aaron there to recuperate. He takes over her room and she sleeps with her two little sisters. She finds herself with Aaron more and starts to wonder who she loves. Ben decides to go away and work on his music career. Marianna decides to go back to Indiana with Aaron.

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