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Amazing WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Take your blog to the next level with these WordPress Plugins

You can get any of these WordPress Plugins for your blog at http://www.hotwebideas.net/wordpressplugins.php

We will show you how to use any of these plugins.

These are plugins that you can use with your WordPress blog. We will install the plugin for you. Call us at (516) 263-9529 if you would like any of these for your blog. These plugins were developed in-house at Hot Web Ideas and are being used on various client blogs. They are not available anywhere else.

Paypal Secure Button For Your Ecommerce Blog

This plugin will change any content in your blog to a secure Paypal ecommerce form.
Sell anything you want on your blog as long as you have a Paypal account.

To use, simply enter paypal_ plus your the button ID provided by Paypal.

Blog Broadcaster
This WordPress plugin allows you to display messages on the top or bottom of your blog posts to all your readers. You simply enter the text and it appears in a box where you can send your readers a message. This plugin also comes as a sidebar widget.
You also control the colors of the broadcast message including background, border, and text colors.

Spotlight Blog Post

Did you ever publish a blog post where you wanted everyone to see and get more comments with? Now, you can with the Spotlight Blog Post plugin. You simply select one of your blog posts from a menu and it will appear on the top of all of your blogs and WordPress pages.

Most Popular Blog Post

Some bloggers have popular posts and this plugin will display your most popular one to help you get more comments. The popularity is determined by the number of comments you approve. The plugin only counts the approved comments so you can rule out spam and any other comments that you do not published. It automatically appears at the start of your blog posts.

Today’s Date
A simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add the date in one of over 10 formats. You select the format.

Social Media Profiles
Displays icons to over 10 social networks on the top of your blog posts with links to your profiles. Social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Yelp, Squidoo, Delicious, and others.

Twitter Feed By Post
Displays a Twitter feed in the middle of your blog posts. You simply enter a Twitter search term or hash and the tweets will appear right in your blog post wherever you want. This will help your blog with SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.

You can get any of these WordPress Plugins for your blog at http://www.hotwebideas.net/wordpressplugins.php

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