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Amino Acids To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Amino acids are among the essential nutrients you need on a daily basis to prevent cardiovascular disease. The amino acids are very much a part of the structure of the human body and key in your biochemical processes. Minerals and vitamins are  crucial as well to maintain your overall body health.

One of the amino acids is homocysteine. Homocysteine appears in the blood providing you are eating enough protein. However, if you have a b6 vitamin deficiency, a Folate deficiency or a b12 vitamin deficiency, homocysteine does not get converted to muscle tissue.

This is one negative situation that can occur, but there is another one, that can cause cardiovascular disease.

If the amino acid homocysteine is not converted into muscle tissue, its build up in the blood will irritate the blood vessels and arteries. This can lead to blood clots.

For a complete protein, you need to ingest meat, fowl, fish and eggs. This should provide you with amino acids on a daily basis. With strong muscles including a strong heart muscle, you would think you don’t need to worry about cardiovascular disease.

Yet the B vitamins are key to health too. A daily dose of B Complex is vital, for both body and brain function.

And additional B6, B12 and Folate is required to convert homocysteine to muscle tissue.

So while amino acids are essential nutrients, a little management is required from us to get the most benefit from them.

Beef is a good source of B Complex, and if you don’t eat it, B Complex vitamins are easy to get. To avoid cardiovascular disease without working too hard on this, you can also get a daily supplement with the measured amounts of B6, B12 and Folate to process your amino acids properly.

This is an easy way to not worry about cardiovascular disease.

Don't worry about cardiovascular disease

Don’t worry about cardiovascular disease

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