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Andis Dog Clippers & Blades

Andis Clippers for Dogs Reviews

Best Hair Clippers & Trimmers for Dogs

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If you are looking to buy the best top rated dog clippers, then the Andis range of clippers are the ones. These clippers are top of the line! Dog grooming at home is something that many people never try to do themselves but you can save hundreds of dollars in grooming costs on your pets by learning how to do it yourself.

The biggest mistake people make and the reason they continue to pay grooming professionals is because they don’t have the right equipment for grooming. A quality dog clipper is very important when it comes to grooming your dog and keeping their coat neat and tidy.

If you learn to do it right and invest in a professional quality clipper, you can easily save a lot of time and money and get the same results at home.

The Andis range of dog clippers and supplies has everything you need to do a great job. The clippers are reliable, strong and powerful enough to trim even the toughest dog hair. The blades are available in many different sizes which are ideal for the different types of grooming.

The Andis range also includes lots of different accessories for grooming and you can check out the wide range below to find the right clippers for your dog.

Home Grooming Your Dog

No matter which breed of dog you own, grooming is essential to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Your dog will feel better and if you do the grooming, your pets will come to love the time spent together fussing over them!

This is far better than having to leave your dog at a grooming salon and see him shaking and crying to get back to you. Then he sits there on a chain or in a cage until it is his turn to get groomed. He could sit there all day too!

Wonder what the animal is thinking? It’s probably not pleasant thoughts. And then there are all those other dogs there, with who knows what they might be carrying.

Prices of Dog Salon Grooming

Many grooming professionals use these clippers because of the high traffic needs. So if they work great for them they will work great for you. It is a bit of an investment but in the long run it will really pay off.

Professional grooming prices are skyrocketing these days so you will definitely save a lot of money grooming at home yourself. If you are a professional groomer, you might have used these clippers before. If not, then you might want to try them out now, since they are the best on the market today.

Andis Dog Clippers

The Andis range of dog clippers come in a range of styles in one or two speeds and the easy grip design makes it easier to clip your dogs hair without hurting your hand and wrist. They feature detachable blades that are easily cleaned and are quiet to operate.


Designed and engineered in the United States, Andis offers a complete line of quality clippers and trimmers for animal grooming as well as a full line of wall mounted hair dryers for the hotel industry. Andis warrants its products to the original purchaser against defective material or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. All implied warranties are also limited to one years. Andis will replace the product without cost to the consumer.

Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Clipper

Andis Super AGR Cordless Rechargeable ClipperView Now

The Andis Super AGR+ is a powerful, cordless detachable blade clipper designed for all day heavy duty use. Equipped with a 4 x 4 blade drive for 25% more blade torque, this unit runs at 3,800 strokes per minute.

The clipper has a high capacity battery pack that runs continuously for one hour. The battery recharges in the Sensa-Charge charging system in less than one hour. The refresh mode recharges and conditions the battery to maximum performance overnight.


Andis Pulse Ion Clipper Kit Adjustable Blade, Blue

Andis Pulse Ion Clipper Kit Adjustable Blade, BlueView Now

The cordless Andis pulse Ion clipper kit has everything you need to groom your dog. This top of the range clipper is ideal for all dogs and features an adjustable blade for different lengths of cuts.

The handy charger provides two hours of operation for one hours charge, so no fussing when the battery is low, you can decide an hour before you want to start grooming, simply pop it on to charge and in one hour you are ready to go.


More Selection of Andis Clippers

Click through the pics for more information and pricing.

 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade ClipperView Now Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade ClipperView Now Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet ClipperView Now Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal ClipperView Now EasyClip Freedom Cordless Adjustable Blade Clipper KitView Now EasyClip Ultra Adjustable Blade Clipper KitView Now EasyClip Whisper 12-Piece Adjustable Blade Clipper KitView Now Andis AGC 2-Speed Pet Clipper with No.10 BladeView Now Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Detachable Blade Clipper KitView Now Andis EasyClip PowerTrim Cordless Trimmer Pet GroomingView Now Andis AGRV PowerGroom+ Clipper with 10 UltraEdge BladeView Now Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Detachable Blade Clipper KitView Now

Andis Dog Clippers

Andis Dog Clipper Blades

Andis Dog Clipper Blades

The Andis range of clipper blades feature a ceramic edge and are a cooler choice than other blades on the market which is better for your pet as other blades can heat up and become uncomfortable for your dog. The blades are sharp and can easily cut through coarse dog hair. There are a range of different sizes for close cuts and long cuts ideal for trimming, shaving and styling.

Selection of Andis Dog Clipper Blades

Click through the pics for more information and pricing.

 Andis CeramicEdge Carbon-Infused Steel Pet Clipper BladeView Now Andis #7 Skip Tooth Clipper BladeView Now Andis Pet Blade SetView Now Andis Ultra Edge SizeView Now BLOCKING BLADEView Now #7 FC Full Tooth Andis UltraEdge+ BladeView Now Andis Company – Detachable Clipper Blade Size 5FCView Now ANDIS COMPANY PROFESSIONAL CLIPPER BLADEView Now ANDIS COMPANY – ULTRAEDGE BLADEView Now Andis Ultra Edge SizeView Now Andis Company Pm1 Clipper BladeView Now Andis Company – Detachable Clipper BladeView Now Andis Pet US-1 Replacement Blade SetView Now Andis Ultra Edge SizeView Now Andis Blade Carrying Hard CaseView Now

Andis Dog Clipper Sets

Andis Dog Clipper Sets

If you are looking for an all in one dog grooming kit then the Andis range has a kit for you. These kits come in a variety of different sizes from smaller sets to larger, all in one sets. Each set contains a clipper plus accessories. The larger sets include instructional dvds and extra accessories that are ideal for beginners.

Selection of Andis Dog Clipper Sets

Click through the pics for more information and pricing.

 Andis High Quality Chrome Plated Snap-On Pet Clipper Comb SetView Now Andis Universal 8 Piece Large Comb SetView Now Andis Attachment Combs, Set of 4View Now COMB SET SMALL 9 PCView Now Andis 10 Pc Hair Clipper Trimmer Grooming Kit/setView Now ANDIS COMPANY – COMB SETView Now Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit, SilverView Now

Andis Dog Grooming Accessories

Andis Dog Grooming Accessories

More Andis dog grooming accessories with everything from nail clippers and grinders to disinfectant for your clipper blades, a powerfull de-shedder for your dogs undercoat and more. As you can see Andis provide a wide range of products for expertly grooming your dog at home. So no matter what level of care your dog’s coat needs you can find a suitable Andis product to do the job. No more expensive salon fees and traumatic trips to the grooming parlor for your dog. Groom him in the comfort of your own home and get great results every time.

Selection of Andis Dog Grooming Accessories

Click through the pics for more information and pricing.

 Comfort Dry Dryer, Professional Animal GroomingView Now Andis Premium Pet Grooming ToolsView Now Andis Model AG Dog Clipper Replacement Cord SetView Now Andis Premium Pet Grooming ToolsView Now EasyClip 2-Speed Nail Grinder, Pet GroomingView Now Andis Pet Nail Grinder Replacement Accessory PackView Now

for Beginners

Dog Grooming Tips for Beginners

If you have decided that you want to groom your dog at home then you should learn a little about how it works before you attempt it. Here are a few tips to get you started and some great instructional dvds and books for further learning.

You need these basics for any grooming job – a good quality clippers – you will also need different sized blades, clipper oil, a comb and scissors

Bathe your dog before you groom him! This may sound obvious but many people make this mistake and you would be surprised at just how much dirt even a short haired dog can gather in his coat and you could clog up your clippers as well!

Always start clipping an easy to reach area if you are a beginner, but also make sure it’s somewhere that won’t be too obvious if you make a mistake.

Clippers with ceramic blades are better as they stay cool and are less likely to create friction burns

Take your time, so make sure you have plenty of time when you decide to groom, it takes a while at first.

Bathe Before or After Clipping?

Before of course. Your clippers could get full of dirt from your dog and dull a lot faster. Your clippers are an investment and taking care of them would be a wise decision. Brush, bathe, clip and then rinse your dog off in a shower or tub facility. Try to rinse your dog in just plain water. This will help remove all the extra tiny pieces of hair left from clipping of the hair. Make sure to always brush the dog’s hair thoroughly before bathing. This will remove any debris and tangles and matting. You should be able to run a comb all the way through the hair before the bath. After the dog is dry, you might want to use a finishing blade to make the cut smooth.

Dog Grooming Instructional Information

These dog grooming instructional books are ideal for beginners and feature instructions for most of the different breeds of dogs as well as tips on how to start, what equipment you need and much more.

 A Comprehensive Manual for Individualized Dog and Cat GroomingView Now How to Groom A Shih Tzu Perfectly: A Step By Step Instruction Guide for BeginnersView Now The All Breed Dog Grooming GuideView Now Complete Poodle Clipping and Grooming BookView Now The Stone Guide to Dog Grooming For All BreedsView Now Grooming Your Border TerrierView Now Grooming Your Dog: Assessing ConditionView Now Standard Book of Dog GroomingView Now Clipping and Grooming Your Spaniel and SetterView Now

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