Decorative Animal Fans

Animal Fans

Keep cool with a decorative animal fan. These attractive and art deco style fans will not only keep you cool, they will be an attractive addition to any office, kitchen or living room. They will be the focal point of any conversation and become part of your permanent decor.

Decorative Animal Fans

Hand crafted by Deco Breeze from steel with amazing detail to show the true nature of each and every piece that Deco Breeze is known for. Keeping cool is a new level of appreciation with the love of any animal portrayed in an animal fan.

Each animal fan will instantly cool any room with a flip of a switch and have a 2 speed motor that will give you just the right breeze you need.

Animal fans come in large variety of animals and different styles of from the elegant to the whimsical. If you’d like a fan the portrays you and your decor, it is easily available, from under the sea to over the mountains.

Animal Dog Fans

From the elegant to the whimsical, these dog fans will remind you that they are your best friend keeping you cool on the hottest days.

 Deco Breeze Doggie FanView On Amazon Himalayan Breeze Decorative Dog FanView On Amazon Vintage Mesh Pet Fan, DogView On Amazon Deco Breeze Country DogView On Amazon


Cat Fans

Here kitty kitty. These attractive cat fans will have doing a double take with the details from their toe to their whiskers and ears, the detail is stunning.

 WalterDrake Black Cat FanView On Amazon Deco Breeze Fat Cat FanView On Amazon Deco Breeze Cat FanView On Amazon Deco Breeze Country Cat FanView On Amazon


Decorative Cat Fan

 Himalayan Breeze Decorative Cat FanView On Amazon

This cute little kitty can be cooling you off in your own home. Sculpted in beautiful colored ironwork, this cat fan will add ambience to any room! Himalayan Breeze fans are made to last with durable materials, very light in weight, and easily portable. 2 speeds fan (low-high), 5″ long cord.


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These stunning and creative fans also come in a variety of designs and finishes. From a jungle them with Pineapples and lions and tiger and bears. If it’s in the jungle, it can be sitting on your table keeping you cool. Or maybe you are a beach person with a beach themed fan that will keep the breeze going.

 Deco Breeze Parrot FanView on Amazon Deco Breeze Bengal Tiger FanView on Amazon Deco Breeze White Tiger FanView on Amazon Deco Breeze Alligator FanView on Amazon Deco Breeze Tropical Fish FanView on Amazon Himalayan Breeze Frog FanView on Amazon Himalayan Breeze Rooster FanView on Amazon Deco Breeze Hummingbird FanView on Amazon


Dog Fans

Man’s Best Friend

Keep It Cool….


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  1. Oh wow what a great find! I love the giraffe decorative animal fan best of all.

  2. These animal fans are super cute!!

  3. Gypzeerose

    I have never seen these decorative animal fans and I love them! They would put the perfect accent piece in almost any room in the house. They are somewhere between steampunk and cozy country decor.

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