Animal Print Lamps

Light Up Your World with Animal Print Lamps

If you enjoy animal print decor, then you’ll love these animal print lamps. There are table lamps, night lights, wall lamps and floor lamps here, all with animal print designs either on the lamp or the lamp shade.

These animal print lamps will leave a lasting impression in any room in which you place them! If you work in an office, and you have your own space, then an animal print lamp would be perfect for that, too.

You’re going to enjoy the selection of animal print lamps that are for sale here!

Animal Print Table Lamps

Dress up a living room, bedroom, foyer, etc, with one of these cool animal print lamps. Choose a printed base or shade for an interesting appeal to any room in your home or office.

 Big Sky Carvers Animal Print Torchiere Lamp NoJo Kulala Lamp and Shade Mainstays Purse Table Lamp, Pink Limelights LT3000-LPD Fun Prints Table Lamp, Pink/Leopard StealStreet SS-A-59697 Electric Oil Burner with Fabric Giraffe Print Table Lamp | Animal Jungle StealStreet SS-A-59700 Electric Oil Burner with Fabric Limelights Mini Silver Table Lamp with Animal Cute Giraffes Animal Table Lamp for Kids Dimond Lighting Animal Print Table Lamp, Navy Elegant Designs LT1023-ZBA Romazzino Crystal and Chrome Big Sky Carvers Animal Print Torchiere Lamp Tiger Statue Lamp with Tiger Striped Print Ore International K-4243T Zebra Table Lamp, 31-Inch African-Safari-Black-Zebra-Table-Lamp-20-Jungle-Animal-Print-Decor


Animal Print Lamp Shades

You can choose the base of the lamp and then top it off with one of these cool animal print shades. You’ll love the variety I’ve chosen to showcase here! These are my favorites, how about you?

 Royal Designs 5 Upgradelights 6 Royal Designs 5 Animal Skins – Custom SLIP COVERS for Mama Leopard Velvet – Custom SLIP COVERS Zebra Print Chandelier Lamp Shade (Personalized) A Ray Of Light LEO7139 Leopard Animal A Ray Of Light LEO41412 Leopard Royal Designs 5 A Ray Of Light LEO72013 Leopard Animal Giraffe Print Empire Lamp Shade (Personalized) Zebra Drum Lamp Shade with Spider Assembly


Crystal and Chrome Floor Lamp, Metallic Zebra Print

Elegant Designs LF1000-ZBA Romazzino Collection Crystal and Chrome Floor Lamp, Metallic Zebra Print. Great for any room of your home!

Elegant Designs LF1000-ZBA Romazzino Collection Crystal andElegant Designs LF1000-ZBA Romazzino Collection Crystal and


Animal Print Night Lights

Light your way at night with one of these fabulous animal print night lights. Place them in a bedroom, bathroom or hallway, to prevent falls, and to help you find your way around without bumping into things! These animal print night lights make great stocking stuffers and gift basket accessories, too!

Add some excitement to your home decor with a cool animal print night light or lamp! What are you waiting for?

 Night Light – Leopard Print – African Zebra Print Night Light with Black Boa African Animal Prints Decorative Night Light Jaguar Animal Print Oil Diffuser Wall Plug Animal Print Elegance Decorative Porcelain Tile Night Cow Pattern Fused Glass Night Light


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