Anna Graceman: Full of Grace

I started watching America’s Got Talent this year, thanks to my husband who, I think, got hooked in by the stunts and
weird bizarre acts. He likes that sort of thing. At first, I only watched a few minutes here and there, being more of an American Idol kind of girl, but then the other night, something changed, and I am invested in the show.

What changed is that a diminutive girl aged eleven years strutted on that stage, and starting playing that big ‘ole grand piano. The voice that came out of her was nothing short of God-given.  All of the judges sat in awe, in their panel spots. America watched in awe in their couches. And I suddenly became a fan of “America’s Got Talent.”

Anna Graceman has her own website: We should not be too surprised that she has her own website. This is just another achievement for a girl whose abilities seem to know no bounds. She started performing live at the age of two years old; by the age of four, she was playing piano, and at age six, she wrote her first song. Now, here she is at eleven years old, and she is going up against 100’s of candidates competing to be the most talented person in the US of A. Not bad for someone that can’t even get her driver’s license.

Anna Graceman’s name suits her to a tee. She was humble and sweet and charming, and incredibly talented. America will be watching this young prodigy. And I will be, too.


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