Ant Farms: Fun Learning About Nature

A gel ant farm is a fun way to introduce kids to the wonders of nature.

Are your children interested in the insect world? An ant farm is a fun, interesting exploration of the habits of ants as they bustle about creating a colony where they can tend to their queen, raise the young, and build tunnels under the earth.

Sand-filled ant farms have been around since the 1950’s when Milton M. Levine, otherwise known as Uncle Milton, introduced his idea of an ant farm and launched it into the world of science toys for kids.

Uncle Milton Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm

Although a replica of Uncle Milton’s original ant farm is still available, the researchers of NASA have brought us a gel ant farm that takes the study of ants to a new vista. The gel used in the commercial gel ant farms is a nutritional substance that the ants munch on as they tunnel through it, making feeding the ants unnecessary. The gel is luminous, especially if you purchase a gel ant farm with LED lights built in. Kids, and adults, too, will be fascinated as they watch the ants tunnel through the gel to build their colony.

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

Just when I was thinking the gel ant farm was the most exciting ant farm yet, a new product comes along called “The Ant Farm Revolution.” What makes this ant farm revolutionary? No, the ants haven’t revolted, but they have become a little more scary.

The Ant Farm Revolution is a hand-held ant farm with LED lights that lets you project giant ant shadows on the wall or on the ceiling. Let a ten-year-old get a hold of this ant farm toy and you can imagine what will result! Monster ant stories for writing time projects? A closer look at the ants’ bodies for observation purposes?

Can you imagine how a teacher could take advantage of the wow factor to make the study of insects come alive in the classroom? Studying science and nature will take on a whole new flavor using the Ant Farm Revolution!

Uncle Milton Ant Farm Revolution

What uses can you find for an ant farm in this world of electronic toys for kids? I think some of these ant farms would help a young person become more grounded in the natural world, even if they are more attracted to the pizazz of illuminated gel.

Even a grown up naturalist would enjoy having an ant farm on his or her desk for moments of reverie.

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