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The Anti Valentines Revolution

Not a Fan of Valentines Day, You Are Not Alone

Every year starting the beginning of February the media starts advertising for Valentines Day. However there is a movement that is picking up speed, the anti-Valentines sentiment is becoming more visible and there are good reasons.

Why pick just one day to show your love to your wife, girlfriend or spouse? Shouldn’t you show your love every day? If you don’t get that dozen roses from your husband does that mean he doesn’t love you? The holiday, some say, was created by Hallmark and the flower industry. But I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Valentines for Singles

How to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day

If your single there is nothing more depressing, or maddening, than people coming up to you and asking what you’re doing for Valentines. But I guess it depends on your perspective. If you really want to be in a relationship then going out to eat is a big no no as you will just encounter couples in love making goo goo eyes at each other.

The Anti-Valentine’s Handbook

On the other hand if you hate the whole commercialism bit then you will just look at them as suckers.

What if you Hate the Hearts and Frilly Valentines Sentiment

Some Couples Hate Valentines Day

Not everyone wants to flaunt a commercial holiday, spend a lot of money and conform to what society expects. The expectation of “getting it right” is sometimes too much pressure. Did you do enough, did you go over board? In your head your just screaming WHY WHY WHY!!

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Guys are often on the hook for flowers, meal, a romantic get away, women we normally just sit back with high expectations. It’s time to stop those expectations.

Funny and Oh So True Anti-Valentines Books

Get into the Anti-Valentines Spirit

Anti-Valentine’s Day Essays and Depressing PoemsThe Anti-Valentine’s HandbookHow To Survive Valentine’s Day SoloI Hate Valentine’s Day

I don’t really HATE Valentines Day, I do love being pampered and treated special. However I think the whole movement is funny, and true in a way. I am married and love my husband, I love going out to eat, and buying him a gift.

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