Antique Clocks

Antique and Vintage Inspired Clocks

These clocks that are featured here have been inspired by antique and vintage clocks, and will add interest and design to any room in your home. Whether you are looking for a desk/table clock or wall clock, you have great options to choose from here. You’ll even find some antique inspired floor models that I think you’ll enjoy.

Place a clock in every room of your home, so you’ll always know what time it is. Clocks are also nice decorative pieces and conversation starters, depending on their prominent place in each room and their bold or unique design.

You’ll have fun adding vintage clocks to your home and even your office. They offer a rustic feel that is welcoming and comfortable.

Time Is Ticking

Enjoy it with a beautiful antique inspired clock!

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Round Wall Hanging Clock

Easy to hang with hook on back
Requires one aa battery (not included)
Materials: brown iron. Colors: white, black
Dimensions: 18.5×18.5×2″
No second hand

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Round Wall Hanging Clock

Antique Inspired Wall Clocks

Any of these three wall clocks featured here will add beauty to any room in your home. Whether you place one in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you’re sure to be pleased with these vintage looking clocks. These also make awesome gifts for weddings, anniversaries and other occasions.

 Grazing 10 Retro Wall Clock Foxtop 12 Inch Silent Adalene 13 Inch Large Non-Ticking Silent Wall Benzara Metal Wall Clock, A Vintage Metallic Bedford Clock Collection Mahogany Wall Clock with Benzara Antique Styled Eye-Catching Metal Wall Clock RELIAN Quiet Non-Ticking Silent Wood Wall Clock 14 Inch Vintage Rustic Chic Style Roman Uniware Antique Vintage Wall Clock,12.6 x 2 Antique Blue Distressed Metal Wall Clock Graces Dawn 17” Light-weight Antique Retro Elegant Giftgarden Classical Wall Clock Imitation Wood Color Aero Snail LARGE SIZE Retro Vintage Imperial Lulu Decor, Antique Roman Metal Wall Clock OLDTOWN Farmhouse Rustic Barn Vintage Bronze Metal ERISAN Brand Classic Retro Style Vintage Wood WINOMO European Antique Style Double Side Wall SonYo Silent Non-ticking Round Wall Clocks (12 Antique Yellow Round Old Town Metal Wall Round Decorative Metal Wall Clock Retro Antique MOBIL ONE MOBILGAS FLYING PEGASUS 18 SMC H15 Wall Clock, Timelike 18 Round Red Off White Antique Look Paris Antique Teal Oval Metal Wall Clock with Lulu Decor, Decorative Leaf Metal Wall Clock, 20


Bulova B2626 Tolland Clock, Antique Brass Finish

This unique table or desk clock is a great conversation starter. People might not even realize it’s a clock at first glance. This whimsical clock makes a unique gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and so on. This tape measure style clock is fun and fabulous!

Bulova B2626 Tolland Clock, Antique Brass Finish

Bulova Table Clocks

These stately looking, vintage inspired table or desk clocks from Bulova will make a statement in any room of your home or office. The wood finishes are rich looking and will add a nice touch to your room.

Add one of these clocks to your desk at work or at home for a nice decor touch, and to allow you to know the time whenever you need to.

 Cambria Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime Bulova Colburn Table Clock Bulova Cheryl Table Clock Bulova B7340 Tremont Clock, Antique Walnut Finish Bulova B1975 Chadbourne Old World Clock, Walnut Bulova B1845 Durant Old World Clock, Walnut Bulova Usonian II Frank Lloyd Wright Clock Bulova Baron Mantel/Tabletop Clock Bulova Ebony Crystal Desk Clock Bulova Hewitt Office Clock Bulova B1848 Nordale Clock, Walnut Finish Bulova Bristol Table Top Clock – B1531


Metal Antique Inspired Table Clocks

A table clock always looks nice on a side table in the living room, or a bedside table in a bedroom. Place one on your office desk, or a table in your library, too!

 ECVISION European Style Retro Antique Retro Vintage-Inspired 6 by 6 inch Pewter Table Clock, NIKKY HOME Pewter Vintage Table Clock 6.5 KiaoTime Retro Vintage Table Clock Decorative Table NIKKY HOME Vintage Metal Round Analog Table HENSE 5 Retro Vintage Table Clock,Decorative Table Clock,Silent No Mode Home Antique Iron Desk Clock Decorative Vintage Silent Desk Alarm Clock Non TiUsany Loud Alarm Clock Hippih 4 NIKKY HOME Shabby Chic Pewter Table Clock,Green NIKKY HOME Vintage Metal Round Table Clock NIKKY HOME Shabby Chic Pewter Quartz Table NIKKY HOME Shabby Chic Baroque Style Pewter Elegant, Decorative,grandfather Clock Hand Painted Wood Modern Cambria Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime Decorative Clock, Over-Sized Table and Desk 9 Chelvee 4 Inch Antique Twin Bell Analog Design Toscano Gotham Steampunk Metal Table Clock, JustNile Antique-Style Table/Desk Clock – 5 HENSE Antique Small Round Roman Numerals Analog Retro Vintage Double Sided Desk Clock Colletible Desk Clock, Eruner Retro European Decorative Table Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Iron Clock Wall Hanging Retro Vintage Table Clock,Decorative Table Clock,Silent No Antique Blue Round Metal Table Clock with JustNile Antique-Style Table/Desk Clock – Square Red


Antiqued Metal Tripod Floor Clock 62

Deco 79 Metal Tripod Floor Clock, 62 by 16-Inch

Vintage Inspired Floor Clocks

Floor clocks add a lot of detail to any space. Place one in a foyer, living room, kitchen, etc, to make a statement and know what time it is, too.

 Howard Miller 615-050 Tamarack Floor Clock IMAX 97190 Ackland Hanging Fish and Pole Howard Miller Hour Glass Clock Howard Miller 615-005 Nashua Floor Clock Howard Miller 611-122 Wellington Grandfather Clock by Sterling Fallon Floor Standing Clock


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  1. I think a clock can become the centerpiece of a room. These antique and vintage clocks give a lot of style to a room, especially if you are using a country theme.

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