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Aquasana filters allow you to enjoy fresh, clean water to drink, shower with, do your laundry with, and more. A water filter removes impurities such as chlorine and bacteria from your water, so you can drink right from your tap and save plastic bottle waste from going in the dumps and messing with our wildlife.

The shower filter softens the water in your shower, so you can enjoy more sudsy soaps and shampoos, and less lime and scale build-up on your shower walls, floors and doors. You will feel soft and clean every time you shower.

Keep your family healthier and happier by filtering your drinking water or your entire water system. You will also find some salt free water softeners here, too. If you have a problem with rust in your water that is staining clothing and your sinks, etc., then a water softener will help tremendously.

There’s something here for every household and every need, so scroll through the products here, and click on any that you want to learn more about.

UV Softener and Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST-AMZN Premium Rhino Whole House Filter with Simply Soft Salt-Free Water SoftenerAquasana EQ-1000-AST-AMZN Premium Rhino Whole House Filter with Simply Soft Salt-Free Water SoftenerView Now

Healthy, clean, great-tasting water from every tap in your home by removing up to 97% of the chlorine in regular tap water and reducing harmful water contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, rust, silt, sediment, water soluble metals and industrial solvents for 10 years or one million gallons with the premium rhino whole house filter. Plus, effective eco-friendly scale prevention for the entire house without the use of chemicals or Salt.

The dual tank simplysoft salt-free softener is designed to hook up seamlessly with your whole house water filter system. Protect your home appliances and Plumbing by reducing the adverse effects of excess iron and scale. Be free of scale, stains and spots on faucets, shower heads and glassware. Never lug around heavy bags of Salt again. Unlike traditional salt-based softeners, simplysoft does not require Salt, electricity or drainage for waste water.

More than just a softener, Aquasana simplysoft uses innovative nucleation assisted crystallization (nac) softening technology to naturally condition your water without the use of added sodium. Nac technology alters the structure of the hard minerals into a crystal structure that prevents the minerals from binding and forming scale build-up and is proven to reduce scale by up to 99.6%. Unlike salt-based water softeners, Aquasana simplysoft nac technology will not demineralize your water nor will it negatively affect the ENVIRONMENT by adding excessive amounts of sodium into the communal water system. Pex tubing is not included.

Shower Water Filters and Water Filtration System by Aquasana

Filter Your Water with an Aquasana Water Filtration System

There are many different options available in water filtration systems. You can choose a simple and basic model or a deluxe model. It depends on the amount of money you want to spend, how much water you use and the abilities to place the systems in your home. No matter your needs or your budget, you’re sure to find an ideal Aquasana water filtration system that works for your household! Filter your shower water, drinking water and more!

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable ShowerheadCheck PriceAquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System with Handheld WandCheck PriceAquasana EQ-1000 Whole House 10-Year 1000000-Gallon Water Filter with Pro Install KitCheck Price

Aquasana Website


aquasana water filters

Water is the most life essential body need. The water we drink, shower in and cook with can have a significant impact on our overall health.

Aquasana Drinking water filters use best-in-class filtering technology to provide maximum reduction in water contaminants while leaving beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium in the water. The result is healthy, great-tasting water that provides optimum hydration for the human body. Aquasana Drinking water filters are NSF Certified to reduce 60 common water contaminants including over 96% of chlorine and chloramines as well as over 99% of lead, asbestos, turbidity and VOCs.

Aquasana products are created with the environment in mind. All components are engineered for minimal waste including the reusable outer filter casings and filter cartridges made of recyclable parts and compostable materials. In addition, filtered drinking water and Aquasana reusable glass water bottles are a smart choice to reduce plastic bottle waste in landfills. Check out some of their products listed below!

Water for Life Shower Filter

Filtered shower water ensures you a clean, healthy shower with better suds for your body wash and soaps, too. Make sure all of the water you use is healthy and filtered for the best possible living for your and your family.

Water Filtration Systems by Aquasana

Here you have two under counter water filtration systems and a filter pitcher that you can keep in your refrigerator, or serve on a dinner table. These will all give you the freshest possible water, and will remove impurities and bacteria. Keep your water safe and filtered for a healthy and happy family!

Aquasana AQ-5200.55 2-Stage Under Counter Water Filter SystemCheck PriceAquasana AQ-PWFS-D-B 16-Cup Dispenser Powered Water Filtration System, BlackCheck PriceAquasana AQ-4600 Under Counter Water Filter SystemCheck Price

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter – Brushed

Salt Free Water Softeners and Water Filtration System

Filtering your water improves indoor air quality by reducing chemicals that vaporize in the shower steam, and it gives your family great tasting, healthy water. Whether you filter your entire water system, or simply filter your drinking water, there are benefits either way!

The first two options here are salt-free water softeners. Click on the products to see others that are available, too. The last option filters your entire home for up to 400,000 gallons or 4-6 years, and it does not require electricity, drainage, or back flushing, and it does not create waste-water.

 Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water SoftenerCheck Price Aquasana EQ-SS20R SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Softener Replacement MediaCheck Price

Water for Life 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter – Chrome

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System

Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter SystemCheck Price

Available in three beautiful finishes: brushed nickel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.

The Aquasana AQ-5300 55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System has a 5% faster flow rate, which means you’ll get healthy and delicious water quickly.

It is NSF certified to remove 61 contaminants, including 97% of chlorine and 97% of chloramines.

The performance indicator alerts you as to when the filter needs replacing, and there are no lines to disconnect when changing the filters. A simple quarter-turn does the job.


Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter + SimplySoft

Aquasana Water Filtration Systems

Whether you choose the under counter water filtration system, the counter top option or the refrigerator water filter pitcher, you will have fresh clean water every time with any of these systems. Choose the style that works best for your family and household.

Aquasana AQ-4601.55 Premium Under Counter Water Filter SystemCheck PriceAquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration SystemCheck PriceAquasana AQ-4000W Countertop Water Filter SystemCheck Price

Aquasana Water Filtration Accessories

 Aquasana EQ-304-20 20-Inch Replacement Pre-Filters for Aquasana RhinoCheck Price Aquasana Replacement Filter for Countertop Water Filter – FrontgateCheck Price

Aquasana Inline Chrome Shower Filter

The Aquasana Inline Chrome shower filter removes 90% chlorine from your shower water. It is easy to install and prevents scale build-up on your shower walls, floor and doors. It offers the best filtration at an affordable price. The finish is a pretty chrome.

Aquasana Inline Chrome Shower FilterCheck Price

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