Are QR Codes The Future or the Present of Business?

These QR codes are popping up all over the place and it seems that people have still not caught on.

If you have a mobile device inclung MTC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, they all have devices which are QR Code ready.

Simply put, QR Codes are graphics that allow people visit your website without typing in your web address, but QR Codes are also useful for email addresses and text numbers as well.

Creating a QR Code for free: Go to and then enter some simple information:

QR Code generator from

Filing this out is pretty simple.  

  1. Under content type, click on the button for your Content Type. Since URLs are the most popular, it is automatically selected.
  2. Type in your web address.
  3. Select the size, which L for large is the most popular section.
Promote your QR Code like you promote your own website:
  • Put your QR Code in your printed materials.
  • Let people download it from your website.
  • Add it to your car.
  • Add it to your website and walk around with it all day.

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  1. I absolutely adore QR codes.. a friend of mine is also into QR jewelry for business. This is a very cool post! You are a very cool guy!! Thanks for sharing!!

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