Army Costumes for Kids

Army Costumes for Kids are Fun All Year

Little children always want to be just like mom and dad. And when mom and dad are serving in the armed forces, that is certainly true.

Not just at Halloween, but throughout the year, you will find your children wearing these Army costumes for kids to play and for birthday parties, too.

As you scroll down this page, you will see a variety of Army costumes for kids.   Click on your favorite to purchase or for more details.  You will want to read all the descriptions and reviews for the costumes that interest you – some include hats, others do not.    You certainly do not want your little one to be disappointed in your choice. Ask your child what accessories he/she needs for the solider costume.

Best Army Costumes for Kids

Army G.I. Camouflage KidsArmy G.I. Camouflage Kids

This Army guy costume for kids are a great opportunity to teach your children the value of our armed services.

Why do soldiers salute?  
What does a soldier do when the National Anthem is played. 
How does a soldier behave when he is off-duty? 
What is the motto of the US Army?  
What is the motto of the US Marines or the US Navy?  
What are the differences in uniforms and what do they mean?

There are so many great opportunities for discussions and lessons when your child is wearing an army costume for kids.

Army Costumes for Kids are Patriotic

This is the perfect opportunity to teach your child about our country, the sacrifices of our soldiers throughout history, and exactly what that uniform represents.  

Of course, children want to chase each other and have pretend battles, but as a parent, you can use this interest to teach lessons in patriotism that will never be forgotten. 

Army Halloween and Playtime Costumes for Kids

Including the Green Army man costume – just like the toys!

Boys will wear these costumes for Halloween and for play. Click on any costume to check price and read details.
Kids love camo!

Child Green Army Man CostumeKids Deluxe Army Ranger CostumeChild Army HelmetToddler Camo Army Costume

Thank you for visiting with us. Have you ever wanted to go to a costume party dressed in army fatigues, but simply couldn’t find any decent army costumes? Never again will a costume party be boring once you have tried out the different styles and designs of these costumes – you can be a commander, a special ops soldier, or a drill sergeant. These high quality costumes are look truly authentic and are available for men, women, teens, and kids alike; all at extremely affordable prices. Stand out at your next costume party by wearing one of these army style costumes. Here are a few of our personal favorites this year!

Army Costume Accessories

Costume accessories add so much to any Halloween costume. Add one or a combination of these accessories to your army costume for a themed look that you’re going to enjoy! Kids will have fun with these even after Halloween.

Camouflage Army Helmet, Woodland CamoCamo Army Magnifying Super Power BinocularsOne Child’s Plastic Army Helmet HatDesert Camo Kids Plastic Army Helmet

Infant and Toddler Army Costumes

Little guys and gals will look adorable dressed in an army costume for Halloween or other costume event. Remember to capture cute photos of your children!

U.S. Army Bunting Costume – InfantWoodland Forest Army Camo PajamaHalloween Army ManToddler US ARMY CostumeBaby Military Officer, Camo2pk Infant Baby Acu Army OutfitsLong Sleeve One-PieceInfant Military Camo One Piece

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  1. Thank you, Lesley! I have seen little boys playing army my whole life — and yes, good way for them to learn about service and patriotism for sure!

  2. I love these army costumes for kids! Great way to teach our kids about serving our country. Great job Joan as always ! ♥

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