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Art Deco Engagement Rings

When proposing to a loved one, this can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not only does the right venue need to be found, but also the ring which will be presented after a carefully-prepared speech has been made. If a non-traditional ring is preferred because the bride-to-be has expressed an interest in having a ring which is of this type, there are many styles which can be selected. Although a ring which is hundreds of years old could be chosen, rings which are several decades old could be selected instead, such as an Art Deco Engagement Ring.

art deco engagement ring


The height of Art Deco’s popularity was during the 1920’s and 1930’s and it has experienced a resurgence recently. Art Deco’s influences can be seen not just in jewellery, but also architecture and in clothing as well. With Art Deco Engagement rings, the stones which are used include not just rubies and emeralds, but also sapphires. The sources of these stones are from many worldwide countries. Columbia was infamous for the quality of its emeralds, whereas rubies were sourced from Burma. Art Deco’s influences originate not just from Cubism (an art movement which was popularised by Picasso) but also the Paris Exposition as well. In all, there are many types of Art Deco Engagement rings which can be bought, as well as multiple varieties which any bride will appreciate.


The carat size which is found on Art Deco Engagement rings differs from one to the next. Not only can 0.10 carats be chosen, but so too can 0.30, 0.45, 0.95, 1.41 and 1.55 carats. Art Deco Engagement rings are highly regarded for their unique quality. The stone is often situated in elaborate designs which are difficult to find with contemporary rings. The designs themselves can vary in colour, and they show that a great deal of care and attention was made in order to make them so that they were as appealing as possible. As Art Deco Engagement rings were normally bought by the aristocracy and bourgeois classes, they needed to be individual and very impressive. Thanks to careful preservation, many Art Deco Engagement rings survive from the time and can be bought as well.


When wanting to buy an Art Deco Engagement ring, a leading supplier should be selected. As purchasing Art Deco Engagement rings can often cost thousands of pounds, choosing a retailer who can provide a certificate of authenticity is highly recommended. As they can also supply details about when the ring was made, the bride who is presented with the ring will be incredibly happy with what will soon adorn their finger.


As Art Deco Engagement rings continue to be chosen by many couples across the world for their special day, wearing this type of ring will astonish every single person who sees it. So, why not take a look around today and see the amazing Art Deco Engagement rings which can be purchased? With much to choose from, any happy couple will be spoilt for choice.

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