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Fashion & Style : Halfmann’s Art on Aprons

Starla Michelle Halfmann is an who artist lives on a farm. There are animals on the farm and also wildlife in the forested trails and flowers galore!!

What can an artist to do with all of this inspiration?

Ms. Halhmann found the perfect solution. She decided to incorporate the wonders in the natural world that she saw all around her and …

Put the art on aprons!

Hey! An apron is just as good as a canvas. You get to walk around showcasing the art instead of having that nice artwork just hanging on a wall!

Here’s how others describe her work. “She conveys her passion with intense splashes of color and gilded details, bringing a painter’s eye to your home decor.”

I know what you’re thinking. I can’t cook in the kitchen wearing that! I might ruin that gorgeous artwork. Yes. If you cook like I cook, you would make a mess. That’s for sure. So here’s my solution. Cook in your old aprons that are badly stained already. But serve your guests wearing one of these lovely aprons. Problem solved!

If you love vintage stuff, these aprons will take you back!
(They’re cotton and machine washable.)

You can find Ms. Halfmann’s art on cups, dish towels, potholders, and more, including canvas or wall art.

Starla Michelle Halfmann | ImageKind

Two examples of aprons with the artwork of Starla Michelle Halfmann.

Moonbloom Apron

Fruit Tree Apron by Starla Michelle Halfmann

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In addition to art by Ms. Halfmann, work by these other artists are available:

Muchnik ArtsMichael TompsettEric Joyner
Ginette CallawayChungkong

New 150x40
Imagekind - Fine Art and Photography for Every Wall


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  1. Gypzeerose

    I think these aprons are so cute! They truly are pieces of art.

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