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Astronomy Gifts for Adults

Astronomy Gifts for Adults (That Are Out Of This World)

Love of outer space and all things Astronomy normally starts as a kid for most people although some find a joy in space later on in life, we call these people grown ups.

If you’re looking for gifts for someone just like that but don’t want them to feel 6 years old again check out our selection of the best astronomy gifts for adults.

I’ve chosen mugs, shirts and jewelry universally accepted for adults and jewelry is always a good gift to give to her.

Our Top Picks

Below are our top twelve picks, I especially like the galaxy pendant as the design on it is absolutely breathtaking and would certainly be suitable for adults who don’t want child’s space toys.

 Stellarscope Handheld Star Finder / Gazer, Astronomy The Constellation Mug – Constellations Magically Appear 2 x Astronomy Space Gift Wrap and ANDROMEDA GALAXY PENDANT Space Necklace Astronomy Jewelry 2015 Moon Calendar Poster, with Eclipses, Stars, Exoplanets: 2015 Astronomy Calendar with Daily Moon Elenco Mobile 20/30/40x Telescope Galilea Moon Phase Calendar and Clock Hubble Telescope – Astronomy Space Pill Case NASA Space Posters (Set of 4) 11×17 Red Moon Pendant Moon Galaxy Necklace Crescent Half Moon Galaxy Space Waning Crescent Phase

Outer Space Themed Jewelry

When looking at the different gifts available for adults I quickly found that jewelry was one of the more popular choices so why not look at some more options.

Even as a teenager myself I wouldn’t mind a few of these for Christmas or birthdays with choices for men and women. Even better I think these would make perfect Valentines day gifts for her or him.

 Stainless Steel Chain Space Goddess Pendant Necklace Full Moon Necklace, Space Picture Pendant, Galaxy Glow in the Dark Purple Galaxy Necklace Planets – Space Pendant with Sterling Silver Planet Saturn Necklace Outer Space Galaxy Pendant Andromeda Nebula Glass Pendant. Galaxy Necklace. Space, YAZILIND Vogue Galaxy Lovely Space Pendant Suede Solar System Necklace,space Necklace,planet Necklace,statement Necklace (18 Comet Tails And Shooting Stars Sterling Silver Blood Moon Space Jewelry Glass Keychain , Cosmic Nebula Necklace Silver Tone NY23 Outer Galaxy Universe Space Unisex Mens Womens Stainless

Gift lists are always fun to put together, hope you enjoy our selection as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

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