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Audit Proof Records Review

Thomas Snider has been in business for himself as a residential & commercial plumber for the past 10 years. Although his business has grown to the point of hiring two additional journeymen, Thomas still struggles to find time in maintaining business and payroll accounting.

Like so many other small business owners, Thomas spends most of his day serving customers and honoring labor contracts. There’s not much time left at the end of the day between mealtime with the family and bedtime to recount all the day’s invoicing, billing, payments, business expenses and employee hours.

Thomas spends as much time sifting through the cab of his truck gathering invoices and receipts as he does making journal entries and account items. Frustration and the stress of trying to make it all work effectively remains a daily challenge for Thomas and his wife.

Audit Proof Records was designed for small business owners

These self-employed individuals normally run business “on the go” so they need a bookkeeping system that can be “on the go” with them. Audit Proof Records is that kind of system. Completely web-based, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere there is a smart phone or other electronic device that can connect with the internet. Thomas can make a billing entry or post a customer payment before he ever leaves the job site. Even the parts he used out of his inventory to make the repairs can be adjusted in the system while on site. He can enter his mileage from one service appointment to the next, and when he gets back home or the shop, most of the day’s bookkeeping tasks are already complete. The system is designed for business owners like Thomas, not a CPA or professional accountant. It is “user-friendly” and easy to navigate.

Audit Proof Records Has Tons Of Features

Thomas can maintain contact information for his customer base, making it easy to find their locations. He can keep a similar file on all his suppliers and vendors. That enables Thomas to contact his suppliers while on site and expedite cost estimates. When he needs to integrate his business checking account with his online Audit Proof Records account, it is as simple as the click of a mouse. Running reports on all aspects of his account is just as easy and convenient.

You Can’t Afford To NOT Use It!

Not only does Thomas and other small business owners like him need the portable convenience of Audit Proof Records, they also need its affordability. Thomas and his plumbing business can enjoy the premium level services of Audit Proof Records per month for less than the cost to fill up his service truck one time with fuel.

Pick The Membership Level You Need

The basic membership level with Audit Proof Records gives Thomas and his wife the opportunity to better maintain their business accounting. Because the system is designed around the Schedule C, it is much easier for them to run reports and organize their books for tax reporting. The extended membership level provides the addition of a professional tax consultant who will review Thomas’s business account each month and help him maximize his business profits and minimize tax liabilities. At the premium level, his consultant will prepare and file his business tax returns. All these features better enables Thomas to spend more time focusing on building his business and serving his customers, and less time grueling through bookkeeping work.

To learn more about Audit Proof Records and even test-drive the system, visit www.auditproofrecords.com

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