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Good Reads: Dark Days, Dark Nights : Intro to the Writings of Gretta Curran Browne

Would you rather? Do you like to respond to “would you rather” questions? They can be fun and can reveal a lot about your likes, dislikes and personality. For example:

Would you rather read a book than watch a film?

Whereas most would likely answer book or film, my response would be:

“Uh! (O.o) How long is the book?”

For my English literature classes in high school, our teacher introduced us to the art of the short story. The short story is the most amazing literary genre ever invented for a reader. The only thing better than reading a short story is listening to an audio recording of a short story.

Gretta Curran Browne was brought up in an orphanage, but she was fortunate enough to be touched by an angel (actually, a nun) who acquainted with the art of storytelling. She now writes short stories. She also writes novels. However, to become acquainted with her work, my suggestion is to begin with her story story titled: Dark Days, Dark Nights. A quick summary of the plot found at her official site reads: “Two girls, two friends, two childhoods – A glimpse into the dark world behind the closed doors of Ireland’s shameful religious orphanages. A long, short story of two young heroines who learned how to survive the brutality until they were old enough to make their run to freedom.”

DARK DAYS, DARK NIGHTS: Single Short Story

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Do you like reading short stories?

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Gretta Curran Browne sounds totally worth reading! Thanks for the suggestion for Dark Days Dark Nights.

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