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The Best Office Chairs for Bad Backs I have a bad back. But who doesn’t? Sitting at a computer desk all day for work doesn’t help and according to my chiropractor this makes my back issues even worse. Throughout the years I have searched and sat in numerous ergonomic office chairs. Some are better than […]

Computer Chairs for Bad Backs

Yes, Bullets My Valentine My husband loves to hunt, loves to shoot, and loves anything associated with the sport. He always needs ammunition. So what do you buy a hunting or gun enthusiast for Valentines Day or his birthday? Easy, any gift that reminds your husband or boyfriend of hunting, shooting or the “manly” art […]

Unique Valentines Gifts for Men Who Love the Outdoors

The Piano Guys – From a YouTube Sensation to Playing at Trumps Inauguration Many people never heard of the Piano Guys before the Trump Inauguration concert at the Lincoln Memorial, but playing the Fight Song at the Inaugural Ball brought their brand of classical pop music into the news headlines. The Piano Guys are a […]

The Best from The Piano Guys

Looking for Fun Breakfast Ideas Breakfast is NOT one of my favorite meals, it means I have to get up early and function. But making breakfast fun is one way I can tolerate mornings. Waffles were my favorite treat as a kids and there are a LOT of fun waffle ideas to make mornings interesting […]

Fun Waffle Ideas

What Do you Need to Play Pokemon Go Pokemon Go is the hottest phone gaming app in the world right now. Everyone from kids to millennials are playing this portable virtual reality game and even parents are having fun getting out with their kids to the parks and playgrounds. Even though all you “really” need […]

Pokemon Go Essential Supplies

Ideas for Elementary School Parents Fun ideas for kids in the young elementary years is not only helpful for students, but also fun for paretns as they send their little kiddos off to school. Elementary school is an age that develops young kids and when parents send their kids to kindergarten and elementary school they […]

Great School Ideas Parents of Elementary Age Students

Using a TENS unit to manage pain If you have neck or back pain and are frustrated with traditional medicine of drugs and muscle relaxers not working, I may have the solution for you. How a TENS Unit Helped Me A Tens Unit may not be for everyone For over ten years I have used […]

Pain Management Solution With Electric TENS Massage

Why Do you Need a Salad Spinner I love eating a nice fresh salad from the garden, but washing and drying the lettuce leaves are a royal pain in the neck, that’s why a Salad Spinner is such an ingenious idea. Works very much like the spin cycle on a washing machine. Insert your cleaned […]

Salad Spinners and Why You Need One

Pokemon Go Gifts for Teens Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and everyone from kids, to teens, millennials, and adults are playing the phone app and can be found in almost every park hunting Pokemon. Birthday and Christmas gifts will be easy this year, all you have to do is find something Pokemon […]

Pokemon Gifts for Teens

Get the latest PokemonGo Backpacks Yes, you know PokemomGo is the latest craze during the summer of 2016 and its bound to be the latest craze when the kids go back to school. So send your elementary kids to the classroom with the latest and greatest school bags that will be the talk of their […]

Pokemon Backpacks for School

What to Pack for a Photography Trip If you are an avid photographer then a trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons is a trip of a lifetime. What do you pack, what do you take? How are you going to get all the photos that you see in the glossy magazines and coffee table […]

What to Pack for a Photography Trip to Yellowstone National Park

An Easy Way to Mow Your Yard Use a remote control lawnmower to mow your yard, it’s easy, good for the environment, and perfect for people with disabilities who want to take control over yard care. This invention might be the next big thing in lawn care for the homeowner. The Roomba has revolutionized home […]

Amazing Remote Control Lawnmowers

Take Your Dog Camping You don’t have to leave your dog at home when you go camping, or visit the lake or on vacation. Many national and state parks allow pets, with a few rules of course. There are some hints and tips to making your camping trip comfortable and easy for both you and […]

Camping With Your Dog

How I stopped Drinking Coca-Cola I absolutely loved Coca-Cola, so much that I wouldn’t even drink Pepsi when offered. I loved the bite of the carbonation, and I felt almost a craving if I had not had a bottle by the end of the day. So you could call it an addiction, not to narcotics, […]

How I Kicked My Coke Habit and Addiction

Do You Buy Gifts for Easter? I don’t believe that Easter should be commercialized like Christmas so the department store aisles filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets do not appeal to me. The message of the resurrected Christ should be front and center during this religious holiday. However many people like to give gifts […]

Easter Gifts for Kids

Not a Fan of Valentines Day, You Are Not Alone Every year starting the beginning of February the media starts advertising for Valentines Day. However there is a movement that is picking up speed, the anti-Valentines sentiment is becoming more visible and there are good reasons. Why pick just one day to show your love […]

The Anti Valentines Revolution

Winter Car Supplies I am a wimp when it comes to winter, I hate the cold and I hate sitting in a cold car first thing in the morning when I drive to work. When you live in Nebraska you have to be prepared for blizzards and the possibility of getting stuck in the snow. […]

Essential Winter Supplies for Your Car

Fun Ski Masks Skiing is a fun sport and part of that fun is people watching. Winter fashions have expanded into the skiing community but in a different way. Ski hats, stockings and clothing have become fun, daring and extreme. You can blame this on the snowboarders, but either way watching a Star Wars storm […]

Fun Ski Hats for Kids and Adults

The Best Winter Toys Kids love winter, or let’s put it this way, kids love snow. Children love the snowballs, the snow forts, the sledding and anything to do with the fluffy white stuff that adults curse and swear at all winter. So when the snow flies and the kids want to go outside here […]

Simply Awesome Toys for Winter and Snow

Marine Corps Costumes and Outfits for Kids Halloween is a time to dress up as your favorite character or super hero and to many children the United States Marines represent their heros. They may have a big brother, a sister, an uncle, Aunt or even a parent who serves in the USMC and during special […]

Military Costumes for Halloween

Matching Halloween Costumes for You and Your Dog Halloween is not just for kids anymore and why not get your dog involved by dressing in themed costumes. Coordinate your outfits to match superhero duos, for example your pooch can be Robin to your Batman. Considering the popularity of Superhero movies in the theater this year, […]

Coordinated Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pet

Tent Camping Doesnt Mean Roughing It Just because you are tent camping doesnt mean you have to rough it, ok, maybe you have to go without electricity, but there are so many new products for camping in a tent that you may not even miss the electronics. Commune with nature, actually unplug and enjoy being […]

Essential Supplies for Tent Camping

Orthopedic Flip Flops and Sandals for Women Yes, there is such a thing as healthy and comfortable flip flops and summer sandals for people who have aching and sore feet. If you have plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, or other foot issues then check out these shoe companies who have designed summer footwear with arch […]

Fashionable Orthopedic Sandals for Hurting Feet

Get Creative With Graduation Gifts High school graduations are a pivotal point in a teenagers life. Many seniors go on to college while others enter the military or directly into the work force. Regardless of their path in life, senior commencement, by definition means the “start” of their adult life. As parents we have watched […]

Creative Graduation Gifts Under $45

Military Movies to Watch on Memorial Day Memorial Day is more than picnics, barbecues, and camping. It is about honoring those in the military who have died serving their country. It is about honoring our veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice in war who left family and friends behind. So on Memorial Day weekend take […]

Movies for Memorial Day