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Let me begin by saying, that I never meant to offend anyone by these posts.  They are mainly satirical in nature, but nonetheless my own personal take on our modern day funeral. My Mom’s dad passes away the day they bury my biological father. I don’t know him much either.  You see he left my […]


This is my grandmother’s recipe and it has been passed down from generation to generation.  I have tried a lot of dressing recipes but this one is by far the best.   My grandmother has always been a great cook and a baker.   This recipe though is one of her finest.  The secret is moisture and […]

Other Mom’s Homemade Chicken n Dressing Recipe

Heart worms in dogs are easily prevented.  Heart worms are transmitted by mosquitos. Dogs can be put on a once a month chewable preventative. Compared to the expense of having your pet treated for heart worms, it is extremely cost effective.  A large dog heart worm treatment can easily cost you up towards a thousand […]

Heartworms–Please Have Your Pet on a Heartworm Preventative!

There are two must haves every year if you own horses. You must have a valid coggins test, your vet has to draw blood usually from the horse’s neck and it is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed and tested for Equine Infectious Anemia, as the old timer’s would say “Swamp Fever”.  A highly […]

Coggins Testing and Yearly Vaccinations for Horses

Me and my sister Tabby have had a strange week filled with stress, and weird customs and etiquette, that go along with a funeral.  There were times of comic relief usually provided by our Mom, and of course, me. It all started last Sunday, with the news my biological father had passed away.  I didn’t […]


My name is Ally and I work at a very busy small town Vet clinic as a vet tech.  I LOVE my job.  I have always wanted to work with “critters”.   I work for a “full service” veterinarian, and as the title might  suggest we work with all animals, reptiles, wildlife, avian, and whatever else […]

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