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Since I have a brother in law enforcement I love doing police designs. Many are law enforcement family type designs and aimed at anyone, police family or not in helping bring support to local law enforcement departments. I also have law enforcement designs for  sheriffs, deputies, police K9 Units, police SWAT Team(Special Weapons And Tactics) […]

To Protect and Serve Police Gifts

Just like Jesus, Buddha was enlightened and offers authentic wisdom and spreads a message of know thyself, love and compassion. At any moment of your day, if you were to stop and ask, What Would Buddha Do? …then you are well on your way to living a conscience and awakened life. WWBD, the eternal question: […]

What Would Buddha Do?

I have been a coffee and tea lover for years. Most of those years have been coffee heavy and I’ve always looked for great tea that could replace my afternoon coffee time. Until recently I wasn’t very successful in finding tea that was worthy of knocking coffee off of its beverage throne. I recently discovered […]

IngenuiTea Teapot Review

I am offering a paid graphic service for banners you can use as a signature banner here on Webnuggetz.com or any other website. The graphic banner is sized to fit the post width here at Webnuggetz.com at 670×90 pixels. Though sized to fit Webnuggetz.com you can use these graphic banners anywhere on the web. These […]

Webnuggetz Graphic Design Service

Soccer has been in the news lately because of the Women’s World Cup going on with the United States Women’s Soccer Team making bigger news for reaching the semifinals. The Women’s U.S. Team won the World Cup in 1999 and made household names out of several of the key players such as Mia Hamm, Michelle […]

Live and Love Soccer USA

Many of us work online through various web based business ventures. I am offering a Graphic Design Service for custom graphics that are perfect for promoting your online business. I promote my Zazzle shops on my own websites(and here on Webnuggetz) and have found that eye catching graphics grab the attention of shoppers and create […]

RedGage Graphic Design Service

Environmental issues are serious and effect everyone of us including future generations. I take my environmental concerns to heart but I also like to have a little fun at the same time. Being Earth Friendly most of the Earth Tribe Gallery is full of bold and original environmental, animal and nature designs. There are a […]

I Recycled My Homework to Save the Environment

One of the major belief systems I have studied is Buddhism. I created these Buddha inspired posters(well, there’s Tara and Chenrezig posters) trying to capture the radiant energy of love and compassion that is the foundation of Buddhism. I wanted to have a colorful ‘aliveness’ and flowing energy feel to the posters. I think there’s […]

Buddha Inspired Posters

A firefighter jams on an electric guitar with massive speakers in the background! Firefighters Rock text with flames! Firefighters are heroes, great music inspired firefighting gifts! Guitar Hero parody for firefighters! [zstore contributorhandle=”firefighters” productlineid=”196084771527383115″ zstore associateid=”238995336435856180″ ]

Firefighters Rock! Shirts and Gifts