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Dance Pointe SHoes - The Perfect Pointe Book

Taking ballet classes, or adult ballet class, in dance pointe shoes, particularly if you have started before you are strong enough to dance in pointe shoes, will reveal  weaknesses in your foot structure that probably you were never aware of. In this case, and under any circumstances,  if you experience top of foot pain, please […]

Top Of Foot Pain In Dance Pointe Shoes
Energy Drink Mix - Chemical Free

Weight loss is rarely easy. Health and diet has to be factored in, along with mind power and calorie counting. It is indeed a balancing act. I am going to help you out with sorting your criteria for formulating a great diet, one you can sustain, and get results. The suggestions that follow are not […]

Mind Power For Weight Loss Plus Health And Diet
Maintain Weight Loss Build Muscle Stop Bone Loss

If you could expect to add years to your life, quality years,  while you learn physical activity that improves your heart and lung capacity, I bet you would give 12 minutes to this about 3 times a week. A bonus to this is, you can boost your metabolism with an adapted form  of aerobic exercise […]

Adapt Aerobic Exercise To Increase Your Lung Capacity
A natural energy drink mix

What would be in a natural energy drink mix? We know from reading the label what is in the XHour shot bottle or the raging bovine can. How about some real (not lab-fabricated) essential nutrients? The kind of raw power your body assimilates into natural energy for your metabolism. How about some natural flavors and […]

A Natural Energy Drink – Get The Essential Nutrients

Stretching exercises for ballet require a comprehension of typical warm up exercises done in classical dance classes, and of course, some basic ballet positions. A beginner in ballet learns the five foot positions  early in training, even if if they can not immediately do the more difficult fifth position and fourth crossed position. These two […]

Ballet Positions Ballet Turnout And Stretching Exercises For You Too

Do you practically live in those beautiful coffee shops? Or stock up on Diet Coke? Everybody needs early morning mental energy. Lack of quality sleep, pressures at work or at home, the world going nuts in general…and the resulting lack of optimism many feel, all of these things may describe you and what makes you […]

Quit Coffee Shops And Diet Coke
Boost Your Metabolism

As you age, your efforts to boost your metabolism may get less and less results. This can be frustrating, especially if you are eating healthy foods, avoiding the junk and food chemicals, and exercise regularly. I am going to help you understand a little about the causes of weight gain and how you can make […]

Boost Your Metabolism – Understand The Causes Of Weight Gain
Inspired by Hanya's memories of ballet.

To prepare your ballet footwork for pointe shoes, concentrate on the single factor which will make up for perhaps not getting exactly the right fit with your first pair of toe shoes. It is not the ballet shoe ribbons or the toe padding that you use. It is not your teacher, or the type of […]

In Pointe Shoes – How To Get The Best Professional Footwork

Dancers aspiring to get into adult ballet class like to plan for some extra training in between classes, to build those ballet muscles. You can use your ballet barre exercises to build muscle power, perhaps choosing different ones each day so that you can recover properly. Your large thigh muscles, your quads, can tolerate some extra […]

Ballet Muscles And How To Build Muscle Power

Maybe you are still just thinking about whether to start an adult ballet class. And you wonder about stretching exercises – where do you begin. Probably you are a little more limber than the “average” adult who would like to dance, maybe in adult ballet. You have a feel for movement and love music and […]

Stretching Exercises For Adult Ballet

Foot pain, particularly foot arch pain, can cripple cheer leaders and students in ballet dancing. Athletes of all kinds, and runners specifically, also experience foot pain if they do not wear adequate sports shoes. Well before ballet dancers go to buy pointe shoes, before cheer leaders get into dance competitions and athletes run marathons, the […]

Foot Pain, Sports Shoes, Ballet Dancing And Cheer Leaders
Opera De Lyon modern ballet

Of all the Romeo And Juliet ballet movies I have seen, This Opera National De Lyon production filmed in 1992 was a surprise for me. I could see from the DVD cover image that it is a modern ballet, easy to spot since Juliet is not wearing pointe shoes, and Romeo is wearing a suit. […]

Ballet Movies Romeo And Juliet, And Steampunk Design
Ballet pictures in YOUR brain - how to take advatage.

When I was young and taking ballet classes I used to pour over ballet pictures for hours. Ballet movies were not yet generally available and they showed up few and far between in the movie theaters. Without knowing it, I was engaging in what would be called brain games, or creative visualization. After I got […]

Ballet Pictures Creative Visualization And Brain Games

Many people would like to take adult ballet. And even dream about achieving the ballet technique to get into ballet pointe shoes. And why not. Is this you? Traditionally, this idea has seemed to be something strictly off limits. Yet, if an adult was to gain the ballet technique, starting at just once a week, […]

Adult Ballet And Ballet Pointe Shoes

The quality of air in your home is affected by many more factors than simply what is coming in the window from outside. For instance, if you bought a home in a fresh air country community, your indoors would be highly polluted by out gassing wood, carpets, plastics, furniture, perhaps vinyl linoleum, glues, and more. […]

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution
A handy green food supplement.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere in our bodies, our food, and our environments. The reasons why these compounds affect us adversely, is because their molecules are similar to the shape of our hormone receptors. A Short List Of Chemicals That Disrupt Our Hormones  mercury found in your mouth – your “silver” dental fillings pesticides, now […]

Hormone Disruption And Your Exposure To Chemicals
Increase Your Ballet Turnout

Ballet turnout is important. But not in the way you think. First of all, many people have turnout from their hip joint, and some do not. This depends on the way your hip joint is shaped. (One of a few factors). Some people have hips that hold the top of the thigh bone in a […]

Can You Increase Your Ballet Turnout – It Doesn’t Matter If You Know How To Use It