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Most schools allow for a few weeks off in the winter and a summer break ranging in length from several weeks to several months, but there’s a growing push for limited vacation breaks. Many U.S. educators feel that long breaks can lead to a “brain drain” effect. Children gradually forget the basic concepts that they […]

Using Kindergarten Math Games During Winter And Summer Breaks

If job security tops your list of concerns, do some research on medical assistant programs. You will discover a career field in high demand. In Miami and throughout the country, medical assistant jobs are predicted to continue to increase at crazy rates. The US Department of Labor says the field will grow by at least […]

Discover the Potential of Medical Assistant Programs

So-Called “Math Games” May Not Do Enough to Help Kids Excel in Math By the time students are in the fourth grade, it’s clear if they’re struggling in math.  Challenging concepts like fractions can feel overwhelming, and basic memorization and problem solving strategies simply don’t do enough to engage the child’s thinking.  By this age, […]

Can Your 4th Grader Solve These Simple Math Problems?

From the Beach to the Classroom, Miami Gets Top Ratings Imagine basking on the beach in the morning, heading to an interesting class in the afternoon and returning for an ocean-side evening picnic. That dreamy scenario is a reality for many students who choose a Miami college. Miami is home to a long list of […]

Experience Success at a Quality Miami College

Indulge in the Best of Both Worlds in Miami Training in one of the hottest job markets in one of America’s hottest vacation spots is all about balance. Medical assistant schools in Miami offer the flexibility to enjoy a fun social life and complete an Associate of Science (AS) degree in just two years. With […]

Innovative Medical Assistant Schools in Miami Meet Student Needs

Your five year old child enters kindergarten with natural curiosity and intuition. He loves new ideas and learning about his educational environment through play and exploration. ‘Why?’ is one of his favorite questions, and he seeks immediate answers in concrete terms related to his world. When he enters school, he has already mastered simple mathematical […]

Kindergarten Math is the Foundation of Math Literacy

Common core state standards have been developed so that students in kindergarten through 12th grade will have a uniform set of expectations, and will graduate with the skills needed for college or career. Teachers are able to focus on the most important skills children will need to be able to compete academically. Parents know what […]

Common Core State Standards Encourage Deep Understanding of Concepts

Teacher tools make daily classroom instruction an enjoyable experience for the math teacher and the students. As a seasoned instructor, you know that these tools engage the gifted learners but also encourage pattern recognition and critical thinking in the slower students. Unfortunately, it is possible to make mistakes when using these available tools, even with […]

How to Use Math Teacher Tools Effectively

Teachers use math games for first graders to reinforce concepts that have been taught, build fluency with math facts, and facilitate creative problem solving. When learning to compare and combine sets of numbers, children need a lot of practice with one step before proceeding to the next step. This is the foundation for mathematical operations […]

Math Games for First Graders Reinforce Learning and Build Fluency

How to Think Like the Rich Most of us dream of being rich, but we only know of one way to get there, hard work mixed with a lot of luck. Robert Kiyosaki has taught thousands how to become entrepreneurs investing in real estate, stock, and even paper. He does not just teach you to […]

Robert Kiyosaki Teaches You How to Think Like the Rich

Parents, Teachers Still Have Questions About the Use of Games in the Classroom Studies have shown that the use of educational games can help improve a child’s ability to learn and retain information, but many parents and teachers still aren’t convinced. When you think about it, it’s understandable, considering that there are all kinds of […]

Can Math Skills and Educational Games Coexist?
Robert Kiyosaki Your Personal Coach

Robert Kiyosaki Help You in This Economy In this economy many people are finding themselves out of work, out of money, full of bills and low on hope. Good, educated workers are finding themselves out of work and with out any type of income. As a financial adviser, real estate coach, official paper asset coach, […]

Robert Kiyosaki Your Personal Coach