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Star Wars Christmas Decor – The Force is Strong Whether you are a fan of Star wars or a collector, Christmas is always a great time to add to your Star Wars collection. A fun way to add an item or few is to decorate your home with Star Wars Christmas Decorations. If you are […]

Out of this World Star Wars Christmas Decor

I did not intentionally set out to find the best stainless steel percolator the day that my beloved thermal drip coffee maker gave out after quite a few years of daily use. I did begin thinking about what I would replace it with and how much plastic was coming into contact with my most treasured […]

Best Stainless Steel Percolator

Christmas Pajamas – a Christmas Tradition We have a warm and cozy Christmas tradition that my kids always looked forward to each year. It started when they were quite young on Christmas Eve. The excitement of Christmas had totally taken them over and they begged and begged to open a present early. Grandpa would send […]

Christmas Pajamas

Disney Christmas Snow Globes must be Magical You do not have to be a Disney or a snow globe collector to love these Disney Christmas Snow Globes. A snow globe on it’s own is pretty magical. I remember looking forward to going to Grandma’s each year and helping with decorations. I could not wait until […]

Disney Christmas Snow Globes

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas…. I love decorating in shades of blue at Christmas. The holidays can be quite hectic at times but when I walk through the door at home and see all the pretty blue decorations, I find myself relaxing almost immediately. Light blue is proven to be a calming color, and when […]

Blue Christmas Throw Pillows

Celebrate a Blue Christmas Decorating your home in shades of blue for Christmas does not mean your Christmas is sad and lonely. Having a Blue Christmas Tree creates a magical feeling to your home, especially when you add just a touch of sparkle. I always try to incorporate a Blue Christmas somewhere in my decor. […]

Blue Christmas Trees

Flip Into Fun with an Upside Down Christmas Tree Upside Down Christmas Trees have been a trend the last few years. You can find Upside Down Christmas Trees hanging from ceilings, sitting in a stand on the floor, or even hanging outside. Although it is a bit strange looking, you have to admit it is […]

Upside Down Christmas Trees