Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders There’s something special about watching birds flying through your backyard. A great way to keep the birds coming back is by having a bird feeder as a welcoming gesture. Though we want to feed the birds, we also need to keep the squirrels, crows and other unwelcome guests from eating their […]

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel Feeder Like any other woodland creature, Squirrels can be fun to watch as they run, jump and climb trees and fences throughout your yard. Squirrels can be playful litter critters, the squirrels in my yard run along my fence teasing my dogs as they chase them. As much fun as they are to watch, […]

Squirrel Feeders

Outdoor Tree Faces Give your trees a little a personality by adding a face to the tree. These outdoor tree faces are adorable and will add an interesting touch to your outdoor landscaping. You can’t help but smile as you see the many faces of your backyard, smiling and looking back at you. Sculpted of […]

Outdoor Tree Faces

How To Make Bunny Napkins Let these adorable Easter Bunny Napkins adorn your Easter Dinner Table. They are so easy to make and add the finishing touch to your Easter Dinner table. How To Make Bunny Napkins I spent many years in the catering industry and have learned some very fun and interesting way to […]

How To Make Bunny Napkins

Easter Basket Stuffers All Easter Baskets need stuffers, starting with some Easter Grass, edible Easter Grass. Easter morning is a magical time for many children as they run to see what the Easter bunny left them in their Easter Baskets. Easter eggs and chocolate eggs, and marshmallow peeps and so much candy fills their baskets. […]

Easter Basket Stuffers

Tiered Outdoor Water Fountains There is nothing better than to sit outside with a Tiered Water Fountain. The soothing sounds of running water and the soft glow of light brings a calmness and peacefulness to your outdoor environment. Your family and friends will be drawn to your home to get that much needed Zen. Curved […]

Tiered Water Fountains

Rain Gauges Rain Gauges accurately measure rainfall with large digits and clear measurement lines so that you can easily see how much rain has fallen. Rain Gauges are functional and fun with their creative designs that will surely be an added accessory in your outdoor decor. Many come with a garden stake that can be […]

Rain Gauges

Rain Catchers Rain Barrels and Rain Catcher help the environment and your pocket book by conserving water. You are able to “collect” rain water in your rain barrel and use it to water your plants. They are beautifully designed to enhance your outdoor decor and are made of a durable resin, they are built to […]

Rain Barrels

Walkway Stepping Stones Walkway Stepping Stones are a creative and decorative way to add a walkway either in the front or back of your home. The designs are unique and functional creating a magical path way for your family and friends leading to your home. Many glow in the dark so even at night your […]

Walkway Stepping Stones

Texting Gloves The weather outside is frightful, windy, and cold. Your phone is blinging and you are dreading having to take your gloves off to answer. Texting gloves keep your hands toasty warm and you can answer or text without taking off your gloves and subjecting your hands and fingers to the bitter cold wind […]

Texting Gloves

Storing Your Christmas Decorations The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to the grind but first you’ll need to take down, organize and store your Christmas decorations. Using some typical storage solutions, you will find that you can protect all your Christmas decorations and save some much needed space in your attic, […]

How To Store Your Christmas Decorations

Patio Heater Covers A patio heater cover is a must have for your patio heater. You have invested in purchasing a patio heater and with any outdoor equipment it should be protected during the seasons that it is not in use. These patio heater covers will prolong the life of your heater. While they are […]

Propane Patio Heater Covers

Scented Christmas Ornaments Scented Christmas Ornaments bring the realistic smell of Christmas and the outdoors inside. The sweet scent of a freshly cut tree, brought home is a sure sign that the holidays have arrived. Scented Christmas Ornaments keep those memories going day after day with their fragrant scent throughout your home. Scented Christmas Ornaments […]

Scented Christmas Ornaments

Pitbull Christmas Ornaments A Pitbull Christmas Ornament hanging on your Christmas Tree shows everyone how much you love the breed and your very own pitbull. Pitbull are their own special breed as is their owners. Pitbull Ornaments are wonderful hanging on a tree, giving as a gift or as a tag for your gift. Many […]

Pitbull Christmas Ornaments

Coffee Cup Christmas Ornaments A Coffee Cup Christmas Ornament, that’s for me. I love my coffee in the morning, at my 3:00 slump and after my dinner at night. For those or those you know who share a coffee addiction, a Coffee Cup Christmas Ornament is the perfect ornament for your tree or as a […]

Coffee Cup Christmas Ornaments

Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes Who didn’t love a Snow Globe as a child? Even as adults aren’t Snow Globes just mesmerizing to look at. Having an Inflatable Snow Globe on your front lawn is a wonderful Christmas Decoration to add to your outdoor decorating. It will be the talk of the neighborhood with all the […]

Outdoor Inflatable Snow Globes

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations Using outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations to decorate your yard this year for Christmas can help you create a winter wonderland of special characters that will delight the neighbor children, family and friends. These unique and fun Christmas Inflatable stand tall in your yard to welcome your family and friends to your […]

Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Teacher Christmas Ornaments A Teacher Christmas Ornament is a keepsake that your child’s teacher can keep year after year and remember the wonderful year that they spent with your child. Teacher Christmas Ornaments A Teacher Christmas Ornament is a great and thoughtful gift for your child’s teacher. They spent a tremendous amount of time and […]

Teacher Christmas Ornaments

How To Organize Computer Cables Cables and cables and wires and plugs everywhere! Computers are everywhere and so are their cables, wires and plugs, what a mess but not with computer cable organizers. If your computer area looked like mine, you cringe with all the cables and wires tangled behind your desk or even your […]

Stylish Computer Cable Organizers

Wreath Hangers Wreaths are ones of those decorations that just about everyone has for Christmas but what’s the best way to hang your Christmas Wreath. Wreath hangers have to go with every wreath so you can display your wreath’s beauty and splendor. Wreath Hangers There are many different varieties of wreath hangers so no matter […]

Wreath Hangers

Wrapping Paper Organizer Wrapping paper organizers are helpful in keeping your wrapping paper from getting crinkled and wrinkled. Just as important it helps to keep your wrapping paper organized and out of the way. Wrapping Paper Organizers With the onset of new wrapping, bags, pretty bags, occasion bags any type of bag, wrapping a gift […]

Wrapping Paper Organizer

Sliding Door Security Bar A sliding door can be an popular entry point in your home for burglars to get into your home. Sliding door security bars are an inexpensive way to prevent those burglars from getting into your home and giving you piece of mind and a sense of security during not only at […]

Sliding Door Security Bar

Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments are the best of both worlds. Shatterproof ornaments combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic Shatter proof Christmas Ornaments have come a long way, you won’t even know they are plastic. Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments are a welcome addition to your Christmas decorations, […]

Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Watering System A Christmas Tree Watering System keeps your live Christmas Tree looking like you just brought it home from the field. Keeping your Christmas Tree watered is important for a variety of reasons and a watering system for your tree takes the hassle of bending down, finding the stand and then pouring […]

Christmas Tree Watering Systems

Automatic Pot Stirrer An automatic pot stirrer is a handy little gadget that you will wonder how you lived without it. It automatically stirs what ever is in your pot while freeing you and your hands up to take care of the many other tasks that need to be done to complete your dinner. No […]

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Propane Tank Covers Propane Tank Covers can make any old rusty propane tank take on a new and interesting look. So many of us barbeque throughout the year, even in the cold winter months. The barbeque is always up and running and ready to cook up that favorite steak. With any barbeque comes a propane […]

Propane Tank Covers

Solar Garden Lights Solar Garden Lights are a wonderful way to illuminate your walkway, light up a dark area in your yard or just decorate your garden area with some colorful lights. Solar powered garden lights are easy to install and even easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about having an extension cord […]

Solar Garden Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights A Family Tradition During the Christmas season, my mom would load all 6 of us in her VW and off we would go. We would drive around all the neighborhoods looking at all the wonderful Christmas Lights. As children, we were is awe of all the twinkling lights in the trees and […]

How To Use Extension Cords For Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Fans An outdoor standing fan is great for use year round. You don’t have to brave the heat of the summer any more. You can still have a family outing or barbeque with a cool breeze to keep your family and guests comfortable while their socializing on the deck. Even on a warm fall […]

Outdoor Standing Fans

Rolling Garden Cart Rolling garden carts are a handy piece of equipment to add to your gardening arsenal. Whether it’s a small job or a total yard clean up, a rolling garden cart is one of the most helpful things you will have around. You’ll be wondering how you did everything in your yard with […]

Rolling Garden Carts

Stemless Wine Glasses Stemless Wine Glasses, what a great idea. It’s like “Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down.” While wine glasses are elegant and stately, their stem’s make them more likely to be knocked over. And after a few glasses of wine being able to grab that “stem” might be just a bit wobbly. […]

Stemless Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses Personalized wine glasses can make any night that much more special. Where you are spending a quiet, romantic night at home or getting together with family and friends there is nothing like a great glass of wine. To make a good night even better, these stunning personalized wine glasses will really hit […]

Personalized Wine Glasses

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