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During a time when energy independence is important for most countries, the United States is at the forefront of becoming the leader in the new energy revolution by means of shale oil reserves found underground, in areas such as Texas, West Virginia, and North Dakota where the oil mining and processing is being done. Alternative […]

How Natural Gas Production is a Valuable Energy Asset to the U.S.

The power of efficiency starts with the production of nonpolluting automobiles. Plug-in Hybrids are the future of how car owners can do their part in helping with using electricity to run vehicles while reducing emissions at the same time.  The great thing is that battery technologies are a compliment to hydrogen fuel cells. Can Green […]

The Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Liquid transportation fuels are an alternative to gasoline which is made from crude oil. Having biofuel will help produce better energy resources as well as improve the carbon emissions in the environment. Law makers will continue to debate the pros and cons of alternative fossil fuels for powering our vehicles and homes. The main reason […]

The Advantages of Using Fossil Fuels Instead of Crude Oil

Spring is here and it is a great time to start spending time in your outdoor garden. Extended daylight hours can make it possible to spend a longer time in your backyard. As you are probably aware night blooming perennials open up during the middle of a moonlight plant environment. So if you want to […]

Solar Lantern Lighting for Outdoor Landscapes

Saving money on your electric bill is a top priority and one of the best ways to attain energy efficiency is to use a solar air furnace or rechargeable solar fan. Using Solar Thermal Heating Solutions Renewable energy starts with the basics which include solar thermal heating options. If you live in colder climates and […]

Solar Air Heating and Cooling Options

Saving on energy costs takes planning and it is important to learn which home lighting fixtures will help reduce your electricity bill. The following guide will give you a great selection of solar lights for your outdoor landscape. Best places to install lighting systems in the home are: 1. Doorways and Entryways You will want […]

Home Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Solar wind chimes are great for any patio or porch if you live in a hot climate or sunny state. The nice thing about having this eco-friendly decor is that it is beautiful in shape, color and design. You can choose from glass, copper, silver or wood carved into a zen style for easy movement […]

Solar Powered Wind Chime Ideas