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How to Keep Costs Down and Still Love your Cat In a struggling economy, most people who find themselves with a tightening budget look for expenses to cut back or eliminate in order to save money. They prioritize the parts of their life that are most necessary or valuable to them, and trim away the […]

Economizing on your Cat

A warmer than usual winter means more fleas and ticks. And an even hotter summer is predicted making the possibility for infestations even worse. As two of the most common parasites found, fleas and ticks are also some of the most difficult to avoid. With ticks thriving in nearly any condition and fleas more apparent […]

Enjoy a Flea and Tick Free Spring This Year

Most dog owners need to confront the issue of fleas and ticks at some point. For some, this means dealing with infestations. For others, it means being diligent about monthly flea and tick medications. Because fleas and ticks cause irritation and disease in dogs, pose health risks to humans and are usually more expensive to […]

Proper Use of Flea and Tick Medications

Heartworm disease is a serious problem that affects dogs in all 50 states. The disease is caused by parasitic worms that feed on blood and live in the arteries between the hearts and lungs of infected dogs. These worms mate and produce offspring, called microfilariae, that circulate in each infected dog’s bloodstream. The worms can […]

Heartworm Awareness

As a dog groomer, you have the opportunity to play an important role in identifying and preventing flea and tick problems in dogs. Good groomers can identify signs of flea infestation, find and remove ticks safely and correctly apply topical preventative medications. By working to combat flea and tick problems, you can significantly improve the […]

Flea and Tick Basics for Dog Groomers

As the warmer months approach, pet owners need to take action against fleas and ticks. These pests are not only annoying, but they also spread disease and can cause other health problems such as anemia. In addition, they bite people as well as dogs, so fleas and ticks can put your family in danger. Fortunately, […]

Spring Is Flea and Tick Season – Are you Ready