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Dog Themed Watches Dog lovers are fanatics! People have been wearing dogs on their wrists for hundreds on years. Dog themed wristwatches are lovely gifts and they are also ways for you to wear your favorite breed. Betsey Johnson Women’s Watches Betsey Johnson women’s watches are exceptional. She is a famous designer who has brought […]

Dog Themed Watches

Dog Themed Clocks Dog themed clocks are the perfect way of decorating if you are a dog lover!! If you are dog lover, like I am , looking at pictures of dogs warms your heart. It is a great idea to measure the time in your life with a dog clock. Besides the rescue dog […]

Dog Themed Clocks

October birthstone jewelry Both of October’s beautiful birthstones: opal and tourmaline are a kaleidoscope of colors and would delight almost everyone. Even if they are not born in October! In fact both of these birthstones are believed to have come from rainbows! Legend tells us that tourmaline has all of it’s delightful colors because the […]

October birthstone jewelry

Halloween Books for Children Halloween books for children are just one more way to celebrate the coolest part of the year: Halloween! Kids love books, and Halloween gives lots of opportunities for interesting stories for kids of all ages. We are getting away from books in a frightening speed. Please read to or with your […]

Halloween Books for Children

Lois Lenski – Children’s Illustrator, Children’s Author Lois Lenski: gave voice to many American children and delighted all of them. Lois Lenski was one of my favorite children’s authors, and I think she certainly deserves to be better known. Although Lois Lenski was born at the turn of the century: in 1893 in Springfield, Ohio, […]

Lois Lenski Books

America – Love it and Change It? Why Fly the American Flag I fly the American flag. I fly it on the Fourth of July, and on Flag Day – which is also my father’s birthday. He always said “they put the flags out for me.” I fly it because I love this country. I […]

America – Love it and Change It? Why Fly the American Flag

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles and Day of the Dead Jigsaw Puzzles Halloween jigsaw puzzles and Day of the Dead jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! Skulls, skeletons, Jack-o-Lanterns, witches and monsters makes puzzles for this holiday. It is fun to see the spooky figures develop as you make your puzzle. Working – […]

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Halloween Cake Pans and Day of the Dead Cake Pans are Great to Celebrate the Holiday! One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween or Day of the Dead is with a Halloween party with a cake as the centerpiece. Cake decorating can be difficult, but these quality cake pans make it easy as pie! […]

Halloween Cake Pans

Halloween Rhinestone Jewelry Halloween rhinestone jewelry is just so much fun! From pumpkins to vampire bibs, you can find all kinds of nice Halloween jewelry with rhinestones, and most of it is very inexpensive. I’ve just learned . how much fun – and how pretty crystal is. And even more nicer in this rhinestone jewelry […]

Halloween Rhinestone Jewelry

Gemstone Guardian Angel Figurines and Candle holders Have you seen these gorgeous angels that are made out of gemstones or crystal for your garden or home? The idea of angels strikes deep resonance in all cultures. Angels are represented in all religions from Christianity to Hinduism, and in all countries. The idea that everyone has […]

Gemstone Guardian Angels

Birth Month Flowers Bring Special Symbolism all Year Round Did you know that there are special birth flowers for each month just like there are birthstones. “Flowers by month” is a specialized florists categorizations describing flowers related to a recipient’s birth month. By promoting birth flowers florists keep live a custom started by the Romans […]

Birth Month Flowers

That fabulous Cat in the Hat was worth at least two visits! All Dr. Seuss books are my favorites! The Cat in the Hat is one of the most famous characters that Dr. Seuss created, and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is a delightful continuation of the madcap havoc that Dr. Seuss created […]

Cat and the Hat and the Cat and the Hat Came Back

Decorative Globes for the Home It is delightful to realize that decorative globes for the home also educate besides being beautiful. The world globes that I have found satisfy so many urges: travel lust in the comfort of your own home, a ready answer to a trivia question, and beauty. I have found globes made […]

Decorative Globes for the Home

Grandma’s Jewelry for Mother’s Day Don’t forget Grandmother on your Mother’s Day! You know your mother is precious, but sometimes your Grandma is even more so. The joke is that your grandparents love their grandchildren so more because they both have the same enemy. Your parents have to be the disciplinarians, but your grandma can […]

Grandma’s Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Best Coming of Age Novels It is a special amazing time when a boy becomes a man or a girl becomes a woman, and coming of age novels coming age novel a novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education. These are also called initiation or bildungsroman, and are a novels dealing with […]

Best Coming of Age Novels

Dr. Seuss Nursery Decor Introduces your Baby to the my favorite doctor Dr. Seuss nursery decor is a great way to start your child off into the wonderful world of Seussville! Dr. Seuss (whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel ) is very important to our family as my children were raised reading and hearing […]

Dr. Seuss Nursery Decor

Drag Queen Clothing and Make-up for a look into the fascinating world of drag queens Vive la Difference! The world of men and women is completely different – with no overlap. Well……………. Or is there? Of course there is! There is a continuum between femininity and masculinity is a fluid one, and no one shows […]

How to Be a Drag Queen

The Best Bricklaying Tool Kit can Make Easy Work for Home or Amateur Bricklayer Looking to buy an excellent bricklaying tool set? I have found some the perfect set bricklaying tools, whether you whether an apprentice, professional or the do-it-yourselfer in your home. I have become interested in stone masonry and bricklaying over the last […]

Bricklaying Tool Kit

T-shirt bras make for a lovely silhouette no matter how tight you top is T-shirt bras are bras that are designed so you don’t even know that they are there, no matter how tight your t-shirt is, or how form-fitting or clingy your clothes are. T-shirt bras are not wired, in fact they are seamless […]

T-Shirt Bra

Cold Weather Coats for Dogs may be a necessity for your family – Does your dog need a winter coat? While your family’s husky or wolf-mix probably doesn’t need a coat these winter, your smaller dogs or shorter haired dogs like greyhounds most probably do. Just like people, dogs need protection from the elements to […]

Cold Weather Coats for Dogs

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles are a delightful way to celebrate the holiday Soon after the creation of jigsaw puzzles as an educational attempt to re-ensemble maps, fun jigsaw puzzles have been all the rage – including Christmas jigsaw puzzles that are perfect to celebrate the holidays. Besides being natural for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts to do, Christmas […]

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Extra Wide Calf Boots for Women I love wearing boots, but I have always had difficulty wearing them because the calf would not fit. If you have a few extra pounds, you might find that boots with extra-wide calves are just the thing. It is essential to have shoes and boots that fit! Extra Wide […]

Extra Wide Calf Boots for Women

My Personal Recommendation for Great Vacuums if You Love Doggies Choosing the best vacuum for dog hair is important because being a dog owner brings special challenges to anyone who wants to keep their house clean. I know that as much as I love my little dog Violet, and as much as I love my […]

Best Vacuums for Dog Hair

Birthstones Are special Stones for everyone Giving the gift of birthstone jewelry, or proudly wearing it yourself is truly special and magical. That is because the history of birthstones is surrounded with mystery, and that adds to the value. The history of birthstones is surrounded with mystery: one of the first times they are mentioned […]

Birthstones Guide

There is some beautiful Amber and Gold jewelry I love amber, it is so mysterious. Amber is considered a gem, and I love all jewelry. But amber is different because it is not stone, but fossilized tree resin. It is not made of sugary sap as is usually thought, but instead sticky resin from the […]

Amber and Gold Jewelry

Vampire Jewelry – Perfect for Your Very Special Dark Beauty If you have a vampire-loving lady in your life she will definitely enjoy these Vampire Jewelry Gifts. If you are a vampire yourself that is even more true. Vampires have captured our imagination for hundreds if not thousands of years, with their dangerous, sexy ways. […]

Halloween Vampire Jewelry

Ultrasonic Pest Control Ultrasonic pest control saved my buttocks several years ago! In 2009 my sons and I became the proud owners of a lovely home in a wooded area in California. The neighbors house backed onto a creek, and there are trees and tall grass all around us. The house had been vacant for […]

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Are Traditional Children’s Games Dying Out? Only if We Let them! Most people forty or older remember a childhood playing traditional games like “Red Rover, Red Rover” or “Mother May I?” in the playground or even the classroom, as our teachers would often use these games in teaching. Some of these involved singing or rhymes […]

Traditional Games for Children

We love our dogs – we love our cats – we love our birds and other pets too! But we don’t love the messes they make in the house! I am a total pet lover – but I know that the downside of their sweet lives are hairs, smells and dander. Cats scratch, dogs chew […]

House Cleaning for Pet Owners

Light up Your Halloween Nights with Halloween Lights and Candles Halloween lights and candles can help light up the best holiday of the year! All Hallows Eve is a scary time – so you need some pretty lights to brighten the way! I have found that there are so many beautiful Halloween lights , so […]

Halloween Candles and Lights

No Matter Your Skill as a Gardener: You Can have a Beautiful Rock Garden Rock and stones can help you create a beautiful garden: with just a few stones, with or without plants that grow in harsh conditions, you can create a beautiful garden even if you have a black thumb like me! Rock gardens […]

How to Make a Rock Garden No Matter your Skill

A Dictionary or a Thesaurus Can be a Valuable Aid to anyone’s Library Whether you a wee child just learning to read or an senior adult wanting to keep sharp, a trustworthy dictionary and thesaurus can help you grown your vocabulary for life. It is obviously important to learn to read, and dictionaries can be […]

Dictionaries and Thesauruses Perfect for Students of All Ages

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