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Stonemasonry and bricklaying a gift to the world indeed Stonemasonry is both a a practical craft and a beautiful art. Like quilting, weaving or carpentry the crafts-person finds ways to bring beauty to utility. Stone-masonry is an ancient craft. Masonry is a rewarding profession for many, and an art that can be enjoyed by everyone. […]

Stone Masonry, Stone Cutting and Bricklaying: Beautiful Work and Great Careers

Plus-Sized Short Dresses Make all Women Beautiful Cute, short dresses for all seasons are available in all sizes on Amazon and other great Internet stores – including a wonderful selection of plus size short dresses. This is great because many of us may still want to wear the mini even if we are NOT Skinnie […]

Plus Sized Short Dresses

I’ve learned to Sell Stuff on eBay – and You and Your Family Can Too! There are lots of ways to make money with your computer: writing articles and books for sale, affiliate marketing, selling services like link building, even selling Singing Giant Chicken gigs on fiverr! However, one that I really hope to profit […]

How I Sell on eBay, and You Can Too

Geek and Nerd Gifts – Gifts for Intellectuals I love intellectuals: nerdy, geeky and brainy people. But they are not always the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for! I know because I am one. I love to read. I am a nerd, married one and my kids are nerds. Most of the […]

Geek and Nerd Gifts

Plus sized Swim-Wear helps Women of all sizes Enjoy Swimming and the Beach Do you love to swim? Me too? However, if you are a little more on the “fluffy” side than the “skinny” side you may be worried that you will not look cute. There actually are all kinds of cute plus sized swimwear […]

Plus Sized Swimwear for the Queen of the Beach

Adult Incontinence Pads and Diapers and Bed Pads Help Meet a Real Need Adult Incontinence Pads, adult diapers and bed pads help meet a real need. No one likes to think about it – but incontinence can be a part of our reality. Whether it is because of aging, sickness or disability – it may […]

Adult Incontinence Pads

How to Get into Exercising – Starting with Me How do you get started in an exercise habit when your athletic abilities lie mostly in covering the nachos with cheese sauce as other people watch the Super Bowl? Well, I am not really that bad but I have never been a jock. In fact as […]

How to Get into an Exercise Habit – A Guide for the Total Non-Jock

Pokemon Go Brings the Fun of Pokemon to A New Generation This week Pokemon Go brought a new joy to family and the world. I wanted to share some time with my adult sons for free or cheap, and my youngest son brought a Pokemon Go to the Berkeley Rose Garden. He said that it […]

Pokemon Go Brings the Fun of Pokemon to A New Generation

The Wonderbag is the first non-electric Slow Cooker The WonderBag is a perfect way to cook with a minimum of energy use and still have warm food. Although it is not TOTALLY energy free, the Wonderbag is about as close as you can get. The way you use the Wonderbag is to just start your […]

Wonderbag and Other Non-Electric Slow Cookers

Christmas Candle Lights Make Every Christmas Bright Christmas candle lights originated in Germany with the Christmas tree, and has lasted through the years as a reminder of the brightness and beauty of the season, and the light that is in all of our souls. Early lights were made of wax, and some brave souls still […]

Christmas Candle Lights

Toys and Gifts for Cats – Cat Toys Make Kitties Happy! Since I’m a cat lover myself I will tell you that I love to pamper my furry babies and I love to watch them play. Playing with a kitty bonds them to you. Also – if you have great climbing toys and cat trees […]

Toys and Gifts for Cats

Easy Solar Cookers and Ovens: Cooking With The Sun: Harness Sun Energy to cook Delicious Meals in Homemade Solar Cookers Easy solar cookers and ovens make solar cooking accessible to anyone. Solar cookers and solar ovens save the Earth and help people at the same time!. Solar cookers are revolutionary: they harness a free resource […]

Solar Cookers and Ovens

How to Find Your Lost Dog or Cat – and Prevent them From Getting Lost in the First Place Don’t Lose Your Dog! Keep them safe at home. Nothing is scarier than losing your own dog or cat, if you have ever lost your pet – you know how terrifying that is. My own dog […]

How to Find Your Lost Dog or Cat – and Prevent them From Getting Lost in the First Place

Edible Landscaping: Decorate your Lawn with Fruits and Vegetables Landscaping with fruits and vegetables: aka “edible landscaping” is one of the thriftiest and most fun ways to bring healthy fruits and vegetables into your home. And with ornamental vegetables it can be even more beautiful than a yard! Many schools have learned the value of […]

Edible Landscaping: Decorate your Lawn with Fruits and Vegetables

Baby, Toddler and Pre-School Swimwear Help Create a Generation of Water Babies Take the time to find cute swimsuits for the babies, toddlers and young children in your life! Taking a child to the beach or pool can be very fun, they seem to relax around water and there is so much to do for […]

Baby and Toddler Swimwear and Supplies

Christmas Nativity Advent Calendar Advent calendars aren’t just for kids – there are wonderful ones for kids of all ages! Advent is the season that is celebrated in many churches as they wait for the time of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. Nativity calendars started with German Protestant churches but have expanded way beyond […]

Christmas Nativity Advent Calendar

All kinds of Ed Hardy Fashions Based on Ed Hardy Tattoos Don Ed Hardy is an American artist who expanded the world of tattoos out of dark alleys to fine art – which you can wear on your body in the beautiful Ed Hardy jeans, shirts, shoes, jackets, and hats that are available. For women […]

Ed Hardy Fashions Based on Ed Hardy Tattoos

Coloring books for Adults: Meditative, Educational, Artistic and Just Fun Coloring books for adults are not a new idea, but in the last few years they have exploded in popularity and variety. You no longer have to stop coloring when you graduate from grade school! Some coloring books are meditative: based on the ancient Buddhist […]

Coloring books for Adults: Meditative, Educational, Artistic and Just Fun

Magicians and Magic Fans Gifts and Supplies Is magic real? Whether it is or not, there are many obsessed and brilliant performers who have tried to convince us that is real. Whether it is a little card trick or a grand spectacle magic fascinating. Magic shows are a signature feature of Las Vegas, with each […]

Magicians and Magic Fans Gifts and Supplies

Halloween is a Special Time for All Children – and You can Make for a Fun and Special Halloween Party for Kids Halloween is very favorite holiday – and the favorite for many of many children. All children love special holidays, and you can make this holiday even more special! You can make a very […]

Halloween Party Ideas  for Kids

Plus Sized Clothing for Fall and Winter – Lovely Queen Sized Clothes for Colder Weather No matter what your size, there are beautiful cold weather clothes for plus size ladies! I have found all kinds of fashion that will keep you warm inside no matter what the weather is outside. Fall and Winter Beautiful Coats […]

Plus Sized Coats and Jackets for Fall and Winter

The Beauty and Strength of Leather Jackets for Women Beautiful real leather is sturdy, special and beautiful – and it makes excellent women’s jackets. I have found wonderful leather jackets that I think you will really like. Why leave sexy leather to the men? Women’s leather Jackets of all colors – whether brown, red or […]

Women’s Real Leather Jackets

November Birthstone Jewelry November Born: Blessed with Topaz and Citrine Precious vibrant topaz – one of the invaluable stones in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priests, shares November birthstone rights with beautiful yellow-green citrine. The orange topaz is also called “precious topaz” and is the color most often associated as November birthstone. The mysticism […]

November Birthstone Jewelry: Gorgeous Topaz and Citrine Jewelry

Great Dog Toys for All Dogs No matter what kind of dog you have, you can find the perfect dog toy for them. There are toys to throw, hide and otherwise be silly with. It is important for dogs to play. It is great exercise for them so it is good for their bodies, and […]

Great Dog Toys all Dogs love

Angel After the Fall – What Happened after the TV series Ended? If you are a fan of the Buffyverse you probably mourned both of the series ends. Buffy lovers are huge fans of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel TV shows. The “Buffyverse” is the universe created from the vampire slaying high school […]

Angel After the Fall – Buffy after the Hellmouth Closed

Genie Toys, Collectibles, and Costumes Feed our Imagination and Need for a Magic Friend Wouldn’t you love to have a magic genie that could grant your every wish? The idea of a magic genie, also called “jinn” has been around for a very long time. The myth has ancient Arabian roots, and jinn have not […]

Genie Barbies, Toys, Costumes and Collectibles

Decorate Your Home Beautifully and Support the USA too! Made in America home decor has so many advantages! Buying USA made products has so many benefits. It is nice to know that you can decorate your home with gorgeous decor that was American made under good worker and environmental conditions. Your purchases will make the […]

Made in America Household Decor

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Bagged Vacuums are the Best Way to Clean! I am a fan of the bagged vacuum cleaner! Now I am a disenchanted house-cleaner at best – the first thing I do when I win the lottery is hire a staff. In the meanwhile, I really like products that work well […]

Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Jigsaw Puzzles for the Whole Family Jigsaw puzzles can be a valuable part of family life, with different puzzles that will educate and entertain family members in all parts of their lives. From large puzzles with pieces too big to swallow for the youngest members of the family to challenging puzzles and 3-D puzzles for […]

Jigsaw Puzzles for the Whole Family

Lovely Cinderella Dresses and Costumes Delight Girls of all Ages Cinderella Dresses and Cinderella costumes please girls of all ages because that fairy tale touches something deep in the heart of many big and little ladies. The story of Cinderella has captivated the hearts and minds of us since the original Cinderella by Charles Perrault […]

Cinderella Dresses and Costumes for Little Girls

Plus Sized Business Fashions for Queen Bees Queen sized woman can be attractive both off and on the job with the right clothes. You don’t need a huge wardrobe: if you have a few key jackets, skirts or pantsuits you can have an impressive yet beautiful work wardrobe. I have found some lovely assets to […]

Plus Sized Business Fashions for Queen Bees

Great Books that Make Great Movies I wonder if the authors of a great book dream to believe they will someday make a great movie! There are so many wonderful movies that have been spawned as books, and one of my favorite pleasures is reading a movie and then reading the book that inspired it, […]

Great Books that Made Great Movies

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