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Skylanders Blue Bash When it comes to Skylanders variants, it is hard to beat the pure awesomeness of the sensational Skylanders Blue Bash figure. This figure was not part of any specific release wave. It simply showed up at Toys R Us one day. While it is true that Wal-Mart got their own exclusive, the […]

Skylanders Blue Bash

Rare Skylanders List Despite spending more hours than I want to think about searching for rare and hard to find Skylanders variants, to date I have only found one; a metallic purple Eye Brawl (as pictured). I would bet, however, that your average collector will never see one in the wild. Of course, this should […]

Rare Skylanders

The Ice Bucket Challenge While it is true that we do not know who actually came up with the ice bucket challenge idea we do know that it was a complete stroke of genius. From July 29, 2014 the ALS Association received more than $115 million in donations that can be directly attributable to this […]

Ice Bucket Costume

Kids Holiday Pajamas Every year, my son carefully constructs his Christmas wish list. Over the last few months leading up to majestic holiday his list will change a number of times. Many things will be added (as the holiday catalogs start showing up) and some will be removed. A few items, such as LEGOs and […]

Legends of Chima Pajamas

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown As a kid, I did not really watch that much TV (unless it was baseball). There was, however, one show that I really looked for to watching each Halloween season; It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Every year, since 1966, this sensational animated cartoon has aired on one of […]

Charlie Brown Ghost Costume

Stuffed Animals With Big Eyes When it comes to super cute stuffed animals with big eyes you would be hard pressed to find any more adorable than these Halloween Beanie Boos. A few years ago, beanie babies were all the rage. I can distinctly remember seeing people line up outside our local Hallmark store hours […]

Halloween Beanie Boos

Chima Halloween Costume Ideas Laval…Cragger…Skinnit…ShadoWind….If these names actually mean something to you then chances are you have a son or daughter that loves LEGO Legends of Chima as much as mine kids do. When I first learned that Chima was going to replace Ninjago I could not believe it. LEGO, after all, had been searching […]

Legends of Chima Costumes