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These QR codes are popping up all over the place and it seems that people have still not caught on. If you have a mobile device inclung MTC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, they all have devices which are QR Code ready. Simply put, QR Codes are graphics that allow people visit your website without typing in […]

Are QR Codes The Future or the Present of Business?

In the Faith chapter, I read the section Faith is A State Of Mind Which May be Induced By Autosuggestion. There is an extra chapter on Autosuggestion, but this chapter sets it up. What Napoleon Hill is talking about is self-suggestion, or auto-suggestion. Very cool. So, he says that your subconscious mind will believe what you […]

Become a broken record, because it may help you make money in this economy!

I talk to a lot of internet marketers, social media marketing professionals, and bloggers who seem to ignore the the usage of RSS feeds. Big mistake! RSS feeds are the most powerful internet marketing tool, more powerful than social media, blogs, and twitter put together. I have gotten so much traffic to my blogs because […]

The importance and power of RSS feeds for your website.

The green trucks are all over the streets now invading the town. This is actually a cool way of marketing your business and it seems that the strange green trucks are competing with billboard advertising and bus advertising. In New York City and the 5 boroughs of Manhattan, these trucks are making their way around […]

Strange Green Trucks: Mobile Street Truck Advertising
The Wizard of Oz on 30 Second Bunny Theatre.

Classic Movies Re-Enacted With Bunnies When you get into movies like Friday the 13th, Star Wars, and Back To The Future, we think of great classic characters from the 80’s, but I found a series, through my daughter called 30 Second Bunnies Theatre and it is a series of classic movies re-enacted with bunnies. Even […]

Review of 30 Second Bunnies Theatre: Classic Movies Re-Enacted With Bunnies

We spend a lot of time remembering our favorite cartoon characters. Usually, the dumbest characters come to mind, but we forget about the people who kept our favorite cartoon characters employed (and unemployed at times). I bring you the class Cartoon Bosses… Mr. Slate was a tough boss with a good heart. He always prized […]

The Famous Classic Cartoon Bosses. Would you want to work for them?

I recently attended the Social Media Marketing Conference in New York at the Pennsylvania Hotel across from Penn Station last Wednesday, July 27. I learned a lot and also contributed to some of the discussions. It was given by Skillpath and some of the seminars on writing, tracking results, and monitoring your online reputation. A […]

Attended the New Social Media Conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Wordpress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August

WordPress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August A seminar in August 2011 on WordPress blogging strategies. How to catapult your blog search engine rankings and income potential. How to get more comments on your blogs   Attendees can select one of 3 Saturdays to attend: August 6 August 13 August […]

WordPress And Blogging Strategies Seminar with 3 dates to choose for August

Take your blog to the next level with these WordPress Plugins You can get any of these WordPress Plugins for your blog at http://www.hotwebideas.net/wordpressplugins.php We will show you how to use any of these plugins. These are plugins that you can use with your WordPress blog. We will install the plugin for you. Call us […]

Amazing WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

It is now 2011 and I still end up at websites that say they were last updated in 2009, 2007 and I even found a website who has the latest year in the footer as 2003. Not good for business and I am not sure customers will not do business with a website who has […]

How To Keep Your Website from Appearing Outdated To Your Visitors

I went to the Motley Crue, Poison, and NY Dolls concert at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, outside of Hofstra University. Ok, NY Dolls first: I do not know that much about NY Dolls, but I happen to admire all of the things that David Johanssen has accomplished like a successful solo career and his […]

Review of Motley Crue, Poison, and NY Dolls Concert

I wrote a post on how to enter the codes on our new Twitter feed feature which allows you to enter a code to display twitter feeds right in the middle of your nuggetz. In this post, I will give you some examples and how they appear: First, you can read Lesley’s original post at read […]

3 WebNuggetz Tweet Examples

I found out the hard way that WordPress’ new default template Twenty Ten has CSS flaws and is only good for blogs that do not entail custom websites. Although WordPress itself is decent for custom websites, web designers starting a custom site with it should revise the CSS that comes with Twenty Ten or at […]

WordPress’s new Twenty Ten Theme is not effective for custom websites.

Commenting on blogs and other websites has always been one of the most social ways of interacting with your friends, peers, and other people who may have a common interest as you. We all like to be voice our opinions and on WebNuggetz, voicing one’s opinion means writing new nuggetz, but we also like to […]

Why Commenting on WebNuggetz is a Key Factor to Your Success

Social media, in my opinion, is all the rage, because it is the easiest out of all the internet marketing strategies to implement and most of it is free. Since most businesses do not want to spend money marketing themselves, social media fits anyone’s business model. There is a huge excitement with social media, because […]

Social Media For Businesses Is Not Social Media Without The Marketing

I just found out about Turntable.FM through a friend and found it interesting. This is not just another online radio website for music lovers. It enables people to offer their favorite music selection to the general public. As a member, you can either enter a room as a DJ or listener. Rooms can have up […]

Review of Turntable.FM

I had a rough lunch week last week where I ended up taking turkey, plain dry turkey that is, to work on a whole wheat sandwich thin. I did not want to have too much fat and cholesterol, so I decided to dress this sandwich. After a couple of days, I ended up with a […]

My Original Sandwich: New Chicken Florentine