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This is the Place to Put More Mandalorian Fun in Your Life! Did you know that there were Games and Puzzles featuring The Mandalorian? There are many! All kinds, from jigsaw puzzles to puzzle books. Not only puzzle books but coloring books, sticker books and activity books. Not to mention games! Card games, board games […]

The Mandalorian Games and Puzzles

Do You Love The Mandalorian? This is the Shop for You! If you love the show The Mandalorian, and you need more of Mando in your life, you are in the right place! Need some Mando t shirts? We got them. Need a Mando helmet? We got your covered. Looking for something a little more […]

The Mandalorian Shop

The Perfect Dog Costume for Halloween Dog Riders are hilarious! They are also easy to use and usually better accepted by dogs than most other canine costumes. If your dog will wear a harness, there is an excellent chance they will wear a Rider. Imagine taking your dog with you when you take the kids […]

Dog Riders – Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Dress Up Your Outfit and Show Your Halloween Spirit! ` Want to show how much you love Halloween without being too silly or wearing a costume? These accessories are the answer. A pretty scarf with pumpkins or bats, is just plain fun, even at work and shows your playful side without looking childish. Halloween earrings […]

Halloween Scarves and Accessories

The Easy Way to Learn Just About Anything! ` Everyone has seen the “For Dummies” books. Bright yellow covers with a black chalk board and funny cartoon character. These books are basically manuals on how to do just about anything. From auto repair from critical thinking skills, there is a dummies book for just about […]

For Dummies Books – Learn About Everything!

What Do You Put In A Pet Easter Basket ? Pet Easter baskets are all the rage this year because people have realized that our pets are our kids, too ! Whether you make them for your own pet, or your friend’s or relatives pets, the question is always the same. What do I put […]

Easter Baskets for Pets

Looking for Just the Right Weapon for your Elf or Wizard Costume? Elves are one of the most popular costumes of Halloween and Cosplay. Something about them seems to draw fans like no other race. Night elves, blood elves, high elves, dark elves, elemental elves, arcane elves, all of them have their own look, their […]

Night Elf and Blood Elf Staffs, Swords and Weapons

A Stylish Way to Carry Your Essentials Everyone carries a cell phone. Some carry them clipped to their belt. Some simply slip them in a pocket. Others toss them into their purse. But what happens if you don’t have a belt, or a pocket, or you’re not carrying a purse? You have no place to […]

Trendy Cell Phone Purses

Dogs Love That Crinkle Crinkle! I was over at my nieces house this past weekend. We were sitting at the kitchen table and I noticed her chocolate lab was out in the yard tossing and pouncing on some kind of toy. He seemed to be having big fun. This went on for quite some time […]

Bottle Buddies – Toys Dogs Love!

Valentine’s is Right Around the Corner! Show Her Your Creative Sensuality! Women love gifts! They especially love gifts that show that you spent some time thinking of them and what they would want. Considerate gifts are not hard to find, you just have to know where to shop and what she loves best. Does she […]

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Her

This isn’t Your Grandma’s Plastic Canvas! These Kits are Awesome! Plastic canvas is easy to do and so much fun! I tried a kit about a year ago, and now I just can’t stop! It is so much faster and less complicated than counted cross stitch and the finished product is just as cute! I […]

Plastic Canvas Kits – Fun for Kids and Adults

The Hot New Toy that Kids Love! Meet the Fingerlings, they are cute baby monkey toys that interact with their owners. This interaction happens in many different ways, so many that it almost seems alive! They cling to your finger, purse or just about anything else Blow a kiss to your Fingerling and they will […]

Fingerlings – New Electronic Pet That Kids Love!

Wearable Emojis for Kids and Adults! Wear your feelings for all to see! If you love emojis, then you are in the right place. We have all kinds of gear featuring those lovable little yellow dudes, emojis! We have: Adult and Kid’s t shirts Hoodies Leggings Purses Shoes Hats And much more! These make great […]

Cute Emoji Clothes for Kids and Adults

You Have Arrived at the Place for Emoji Stuff! Emojis are crazy popular, and we have all the best emoji items on the internet! Looking for an emoji lunch box? We have them. Emoji coffee mug? We have that too. How about sheets or comforters? We have great ones! I bet we even have items […]

The Emoji Shop – The Place for Emoji Lovers!

Fun for Everyone to Wear! Makes a Great Gift! Everyone loves Emojis! On your phone, on your computer, even on your t shirts, but how about in your jewelry box? Yes! We have the best selection of emoji jewelry that you will find anywhere. Everything from fun yellow to gold and silvertone. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, […]

Emoji Jewelry

If You Hate Wrapping Gifts, This Is The Answer! I used to love wrapping gifts, but as the years go by, I find myself dreading the hours that it takes every year to wrap gifts the traditional way. So this year I decided to go another way. Gift Bags! There are so many different types […]

Inexpensive Drawstring Holiday Gift Bags

Make Your House the Talk of the Neighborhood! Projections are the hottest new look in Halloween decorations. Imagine looking at someone’s house, at night, and suddenly seeing a ghostly apparition in the window! Not only a scary apparition, but one that moves! Waving their arms, flying around, even talking, moaning or screaming! How delightfully frightening […]

Spooky Halloween Projections for Your House

Make the Greatest Cookies for Halloween From spooky to cute, Halloween cookies are everyone’s favorite. Who doesn’t love witches, bats and jack-o-lanterns? Even more fun than baking them is decorating them! Icing, sprinkles, beads, nuts, and glitter, the possibilities are endless! Halloween cookie decorating is a fun activity for a Saturday afternoon at home or […]

Halloween Cookie Cutters

Fun Costumes for Everyone! Emojis are all the rage! With the current blockbuster movie, and everyone’s phone obsession, emojis are loved by everyone from kids to adults. These costumes are the hottest thing this Halloween season. Full body costumes are fun for kids or adults! Puffy slippers are the perfect accompaniment. We have a large […]

Emoji Costumes for Kids and Adults

Grow Your Own Fairy Garden! Do you love fairies and flowers? This is a great way to combine the two into one great hobby! Fairy planters are specialty pots that are specifically designed to look like a fairy house and yard. All you have to do is fill the containers with potting soil and miniature […]

Adorable Fairy Planters and Flower Pots

Eat Lots of Food for Half the Calories ! The Hungry Girl way is a method of making favorite foods in a manner that is less fattening. It also gives you ways to “bulk up your portions so that you can eat a lot of food, and not gain weight. The author, Lisa Lillien, is […]

Hungry Girl – Large Portion, Low Calorie Recipes

Let Your Kids Enjoy the Beach or Pool with More Safety Going out and enjoying the beach/pool with your family is fun. But, there are also risks, especially to kids and babies. If you want to lower the risks to the little ones in your life, the answer is float rings and wings. These give […]

Water Wings and Floating Rings for Kids

The Best Games for Pool Parties ` Pool Party Games are a great way to have fun in the summer and your party will be remembered long after the party is over. This page has the most popular pool party games to play at your pool party. A pool party is great for any occasion […]

Fun Pool Party Games

An Effortless and Inexpensive Way to Change Your Look – Just Clip and Go! Do you want a fantastic new hairstyle that you can do in less than a minute? Would you like to change your look instantly to something different and fun? Are you looking for a beautiful updo hairstyle that you don’t need […]

Hair Extensions – Clip On Ponytails and Chic Updo Hairstyles

Cookbooks that Feature Only Fat Free Recipes After buying a large assortment of Fat Free Cookbooks, I feel that the family of Fat Free Cookbooks by Sandra Woodruff are by far the best. Not only are the recipes easy to follow and delicious, but she also includes other hints, tips and information that is good […]

How to Cook the Fat Free Way!

Groot is the Most Popular Character on Guardians of the Galaxy! From the very beginning of the first Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie, Groot stole the show. Alway funny, sweet and protective, people loved him. When it looked like he was destroyed in end of the first movie, everyone was so upset, however we were […]

The Groot Shop

Need More Storage? This is the Answer! There never seems to be enough storage in the kitchen, no matter how large it is. Pots and pans overflowing. Doors that won’t shut. Items in the wrong cabinet because there is no room in the right cabinet. Extra can goods in the coat closet and never being […]

Brilliant Organizers That You Need

Rachael Ray Kitchenware is My Favorite, Let me Tell You Why I watch the Rachael Ray cooking show on television almost every day. She has such common sense advice and plain and simple (and delicious) recipes, I almost always find myself writing down at least one. It has improved my cooking ability on many levels […]

Rachael Ray Kitchenware

Remember the Toys and Games You Grew Up Playing With? Kids are still kids and they love toys and games. Remember playing Sorry? Remember sending your Slinky down the steps? How about playing outside with ring toss or your balsa wood airplane glider? Best of all, do you remember building endless things with Tinker Toys, […]

Old Fashioned Toys and Games

Collect All Of The Presidents and Presidential Hopefuls Chia Pets have been around for many years, but recently some new ones have arrived on the Chia scene! The Current President Presidental Candidates Presidents from History If you love politics, these are the Chias for you! Get Donald Trump and Hillary to face off and see […]

Presidential Chia Pets

Fun Jewelry for After the Holidays! Do you get tired of having to put away all your cute and whimsical jewelry after Christmas? Do you hate taking those adorable holiday beads off the Pandora? Well, let me show you a way to keep the fun going, long after the holidays are over! Snowmen! Snowmen are […]

Snowman Jewelry

These Loungers Look Like a Well Worn Pair of Your Favorite Jeans, and Other Great Pants! I have several pairs of these loungers, and some shorts for the summer and I absolutely love them! I work from home and to have cute and comfortable, non-pinching or binding clothing to wear while working is a must! […]

Lounge Pants That Look Like Jeans