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These are Manly Ornaments…..Fishing Poles, Shotguns, BEER! Does your man cave have a Christmas tree? Is it dying in its stand from all the little frilly angels, cute elves and jolly old fat men that are adorning its branches? Then it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE! You need some manly ornaments that will make your manly […]

Manly Christmas Ornaments for a Manly Christmas Tree

My Favorite Cookies As a Child When I was a kid, we would visit my Grandma every summer. She and gramps lived on a farm down south. It was always horribly hot and the mosquitos were big enough to carry you away. I never even noticed, as the eyes of a child only see the […]

Grandma’s Molasses Cookie Recipe

Everyone Loves Baby Animals, Now You Can Enjoy Them All Year Long! It’s a great time of year to buy a new calendar, why not buy one that will make you smile all year long? Hang up one of these and each month you will be saying “awwwww!” at the precious baby staring back at […]

Adorable Baby Animal Calendars Make a Great Gift!

Wondering What To Get a Man for Christmas? Men can be really hard to buy for. They have the tendency to buy what they need for themselves, so we are left with the task of buying them what they want. Asking them will do you no good, you will usually get “I don’t know” or […]

Five Christmas Gifts That Men Really Love

Tis the Season in Azeroth! Winter Veil is Coming Soon! The holiday season is right around the corner in World of Warcraft! Soon Winter Veil will be upon us! Greatfather Winter is gearing up to deliver his presents to Ironforge and Orgrimmar and collect his cookies, so don’t forget to farm those eggs! Prepare yourself […]

World of Warcraft Winter Veil T Shirts and More

Everyone Wants to Look Their Best for the Holidays! The holidays are coming, isn’t it exciting? Festive decorations, family gatherings and most of all presents! Christmas time is a great time to get dressed up! Everyone wants to look their best for the season, and that includes your favorite pal, your doll! Every girl wants […]

Christmas Clothes for American Girl Dolls

Dogs Still Get Cold in the Winter – Even with Their Fur Coat! Your dog may have a fur coat, but he still gets chilled when outside in the winter months. Bitter winds can cut right through that fur, especially if the temperature is below 20 degrees F or it is sleeting. If your dog […]

Cute and Warm Winter Coats for Dogs

Prepare Yourself for the Chia-pocalypse! Have you always wanted to Chia Pet, but refused to get a fuzzy puppy, or Hello Kitty? Well, your kind of Chia Pet is finally here! At last they made a really badass Chia: Chia Zombies! Yes, the Chia zombies have arrived. Dragging Drew, Creepy Holden, Lifeless Lisa and the […]

Chia Zombies are Ghoulishly Fun!

Decorate for the Season, Without Freezin’ ! Putting up exterior Christmas decorations is a cold and possibly dangerous thing to do. Standing on ladders on icy and uneven ground in the bitter cold…..who wants to do that? Nobody! There is a better way to decorate your house that is visible from the outside that does […]

Christmas Window Decorations – Decorate Outside from the Inside!

Holiday Outfits the Inexpensive Way Everyone loves Christmas clothes! Cute sweatshirts, t shirts, vests and even holiday sweaters. (not the ugly kind!) The problem with holiday clothing is that is costs a fortune to buy, there is such a short window of time to wear it, and then it takes up storage space in your […]

Christmas Fashion Scarves

I Love Holiday Pajamas and Loungewear! I love Christmas nightshirts and jammies!! Ever since I was a child, I always got new pajamas for the holidays. My parents gave them to us a couple weeks before Christmas. To us it was always a sign that Christmas was close. We were so excited! As an adult, […]

Christmas Nightshirts and Pajamas for Women and Men

Do You Remember These? Everyone had favorite toys when they were a child. A toy telephone, a xylaphone or a firetruck. Mine was the bubble popper on wheels. I used to drag that thing around everywhere. The popping balls fascinated me. My sister’s favorite was the different sized doughnuts that you put on the pole. […]

Retro Toy Christmas Ornaments

Halloween is Coming, Don’t Forget to Get a Costume! Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year. Who doesn’t like to dress up in costumes and collect candy? Every year the big question is: What are you going to be for Halloween? Well, when you are thinking of what you are going […]

Halloween Costumes for American Girl Dolls

Perfect for American Girl or Madame Alexander Dolls The best part of having beautiful dolls is dressing them up. If you have been looking for clothing for your child’s 18 inch doll, but have been put off by the prices, you are in the right place. Our clothing is of the highest quality, and at […]

Clothes and Shoes for American Girl Dolls

Collecting Funko Action Figures is Great! Funko makes so many different action figures, it’s incredible! Any movie, or television show, old or new, you will find figures for it. Old movies like Gremlins, new movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, you will find most anything you want here. Collecting them is fun, start with your […]

Funko Action Figures – Fun and Collectible!

There is a Good Chance the Coming Winter Will Be Severe What should you do? Prepare now! If you prepare now, then you will not need to worry if bad weather occurs, or if you lose power. It will not be necessary to try to get what you need at the store while everyone else […]

What You Need to Be Prepared for the Coming Winter

Let the Battle Begin…….In Your Yard! Decorating your yard for Halloween is always fun, but every year you see to same thing: ghost and ghouls, pumkins and black cats, gravestones and skeletons, and so on. Did you ever want to have a Halloween yard that was really original? Something that will make you the envy […]

Have a Zombie Garden Gnome Apocalypse in Your Yard

Making a Mini Graveyard is Fun for Adults and Kids! Lots of people collect and display a Christmas village every year, did you know that you can do the same for Halloween? Making a miniature Halloween graveyard is a fun activity for the whole family. You can collect new pieces every year to expand and […]

How to Make a Miniature Graveyard for Halloween

A Great Gift for your Favorite Medical Professional. Pharmacists Too! I love to give personal gifts that are specifically for the person I am giving them to. This whole page is dedicated to gifts for doctors, nurses and pharmacists. They are so inexpensive and cute, I always buy a bunch, either to give to my […]

Christmas Ornaments for Nurses and Doctors

Be Memorable in These One of a Kind Masks! So many people wear the same humdrum costumes for Halloween. Witch, ghost, mummy, pirate, vampire, always the same, year after year. Want to stand out in the crowd? Then browse our selection below! How about a poop head? Or a hamburger head? You could rock Marvin […]

Weird and Funny Masks for Halloween – Be Unique!

Autumn Metal Wall Decor – Perfect for the Change of Seasons Autumn is known as the season of plenty. Harvest time, fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables fill cellars and barns. Flowers bloom their last hurrah before the cold of winter. Fall’s breezes are cooler, the leaves begin to turn and fall. The kids go back […]

Unique Metal Wall Decor for Autumn

A Beautiful Wig is the Centerpiece for Your Costume One of the most important parts of any elf costume, be it for Halloween or cosplay, is the hair. Shiny, colorful tresses are one of the most notable things about elves, male or female. Elf wigs can be long or short, curly or straight. There are […]

Wigs for Elf Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Brewfest is a Great Festival Enjoyed by all Factions! Brewfest is a celebration in World of Warcraft, that happens every September. It is similar to Ocktoberfest, only with a dwarven twist. During Brewfest large festival grounds are set up outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar that are full of music, games of skill, dwarven invasions, unusual food […]

World of Warcraft Brewfest T Shirts and More

Create A Sensation In Your Neighborhood This Halloween! This is the year to do what you have always wanted to do: GO ALL OUT WITH YARD DECORATIONS FOR HALLOWEEN! Make your yard a creepy graveyard, complete with zombies, skeletons and ghouls of all kinds. Rows of gravestones with gruesome body parts strewn about. Rats and […]

Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Make Your Yard Spooktacular!

Get Your Orc On! Halloween is Coming ! Now is the perfect time to get an Orc Costume! Not only is Halloween coming, but the World of Warcraft expansion Warlord of Draenor is still going strong! Orcs are the stars of this expansion which is all about the history of the Orc people and the […]

WoW Orc Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Everyone Loves These Lights, It’s Like Having a No Maintenance Aquarium These motions lamps are popular with kids and adults alike. They work great as a night light in a kids room, and can help lull them to sleep. They are beautiful and relaxing in a family room or den. There are even small versions […]

Fish Tank Lamp – Looks Like Fish in an Aquarium

Steampunk Costumes are Outrageous and Fun for Halloween, Cosplay or Anyime You Like! Steampunk is gaining popularity every year! What started out as a sub genre of science fiction, has broken out into a genre all it’s own. I’m not surprised it is pretty hard to resist for both men and women. Men – Dapper […]

Steampunk Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Kids Love These Chairs All children love stuffed animals, so what could be better than having a huge stuffed animal that you can sit in and snuggle with? These fluffy chairs are wonderful to curl up and read in or take a nap, safe in the arms of your big fuzzy pal. Use these chairs […]

Plush Animal Chairs for Kids

Decorating for Fall is Fun! Autumn is my favorite time of year and I love decorating for it. Wreaths are a big part of my fall decorating. I have a beautiful one that I hang on my front door and another for my front hall. I get a lot of compliments on them. They really […]

Beautiful Wreaths for Fall

Are Your Cords Driving You Crazy? Do your cords look like spaghetti gone wild? Mine do, and I am sick and tired of it! They take up floor space, and look awful. How can you have a neat office or living space with this kind of mess? I knew there had to be an answer. […]

How to Organize Your Electronics Cords and Wires