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The Best Dog Collars with Lights Dog Collars with Lights are one way we can provide safetyfor our pets with greater assurance. Tell your dog you love him/her with a dog safety light collar. You will be so glad you did this simple thing for your loving pet. Pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Dogs […]

Best Dog Collars with Lights

Start Your Family Tradition Today with the Elf on the Shelf! The Elf on the Shelf is a fun Christmas tradition that the whole family can look forward to every year is the Elf on the Shelf. This clever idea is all about one of Santa’s Elves that the family adopts who has magical powers […]

Elf on the Shelf Names and Ideas

Indian Halloween costumes for women When considering what to don for this year’s celebration, don’t forget Indian Halloween costumes for women. This is a costume which can be very versatile and can be as low key, or high intensity as the woman and the situation warrants. Most start with a simple costume design and then […]

Indian Halloween Costumes for Women

Best Backpacks for Teenage Girls It’s time for school, and every cool teen girl needs a stylish backpack for that first day! Teen girls carry everything but the kitchen sink in their backpacks. Help your teen choose a backpack with plenty of pockets and zippers to help her stay organized. The best backpacks for teenage […]

Cool School Backpacks for Teenage Girls

A Polka Dot Shower Curtain Will Add Fun and Interest to Your Bathroom If a polka dot shower curtain is what you are looking for, then you will find some very cute ones on this page.  The polka dots are a fun design element that is used on lots of products, but is especially fun […]

Polka Dot Shower Curtain

Some of the best toys for children are those that are soft, cuddly and inspire imagination.   That is exactly the beauty of Jellycat Lion, and all of the Jellycat products.   They are extremely durable, whimsical and easy to love.   Moms love the durability and the kids love the delightful expressions and cuddly […]

Jellycat Lion for Lovable Fun!

Eiffel Tower Art – Beautiful Wall Decor for Your Home Best Eiffel Tower Art The Eiffel Tower has long been a favorite subject for photographers, painters, and other artists. Eiffel Tower art is just as popular now as it has ever been. Of course the Eiffel Tower is one of the most favorite landmarks in […]

Eiffel Tower Art – Elegant Home Decorating

Girls’ Pink Backpacks There are some times, and certainly some people for whom the only color that will do is Pink. Pink backpacks can serve a multitude of purposes for young girls, as well as not so young girls. Choose your favorite pink backpack on this page. All of our favorites are here. We even […]

Pretty Pink Backpacks
Leopard Print Bag

Are You Looking for a Leopard Print Bag? If you’re shopping for a leopard print bag, I’ll have some great suggestions for you here on this page.  Leopard print has been popular in clothing and accessories for quite some time, perhaps because it carries with it a suggestion of elegance. Today you have a multitude […]

Leopard Print Bag

Jellycat Rabbit – Bashful Bunny The Jellycat Rabbit now joins the rest of the fine collection of Jellycat toys.  They have been making a line of unique, durable, adorable toys since 1999.  The Jellycat stuffed animals company is established in London, and the toys are available in many countries now across the globe.   And remember, […]

Jellycat Rabbit Wants to Meet You!

What are the Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys? Buying toys for your little grandson has to be one of the most fun things a grandparent gets to do.  Grandparents get to re-live fond memories of years gone by. And what grandparent doesn’t want to spoil their grandson? And if you’re a parent of […]

Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Are You Looking for a Home Theater Popcorn Machine? A home theater popcorn machine is a fun addition to your family room.  On movie night you can invite some friends over and serve them theater style popcorn from your own home popcorn machine.  Now that many people have home theaters, they don’t go out to […]

Home Theater Popcorn Machine
Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Learn the Elements with a Periodic Table Shower Curtain If you are a science geek you might want to have a periodic table shower curtain.  If you are trying to learn the elements a periodic table shower curtain can help.  Having the periodic table available to look at frequently will help it to sink into […]

Periodic Table Shower Curtain
Animal Print Jewelry

Animal Print Jewelry – Beautiful Fashion Accessories Animal print jewelry is a response to the rising popularity of animal print in fashion circles.  Animal print has long been popular for clothing, shoes, and handbags, but now animal print is showing up everywhere in the fashion world including jewelry.  Animal print jewelry is a good option […]

Awesome Animal Print Jewelry

Since 1999, the Jellycat Company has been creating and distributing their unique line of Jellycat stuffed animals. These stuffed animals delight children from birth through about the age of 10, and even some teens and adults find them irresistible. The many different animals, as well as the unique designs and personalities are only part of […]

Jellycat Stuffed Animals Collection

Having Christmas Train Sets under the tree is a charming and longstanding tradition in many families and every year more join in the fun. The scene seems straight out of a Rockwell painting, and is a relatively inexpensive tradition to begin and maintain. Under the Christmas tree train sets are pure fun! It’s fun to […]

Christmas Train Sets For Under the Tree

If you are a journaler, you have quickly learned the importance of using a binder that you can refill. These 3 hole binders are perfect for special journaling as well as daily journaling. Do you write 3 pages a day for personal journaling? A 3 ring binder will allow you to refill pages and keep […]

Journaling Binders

I am enjoying reading Alice Martin’s posts this week about funerals, and I began to wonder about the best movie funerals. I know the best for me was in Steel Magnolias! As a senior citizen, it seems we attend more funerals than we used to. But I can tell you, that in my darkest grief, I […]

Best Movie Funeral

Life after 60 can be fun. We live in a very special place – old enough to treasure our memories and young enough to look forward to creating more! The 60’s are a time to fulfill all our bucket list wishes. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? Come join […]

Life After 60 – a Grand Adventure!

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