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Rubies Walking Dead Costumes Rubies walking dead costumes are hot right now! First aired on AMC the 31st of October 2010, it hit the ratings hard and has climbed ever since. The Walking Dead is an international TV sensation. Not only has it won many awards from its peers it has garnered huge fan attention […]

AMC Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

Chandeliers For Lockers Chandeliers for lockers will transform your dark boring locker into something special. Imagine opening up your school locker to a motion activated bright LED light both beautiful and functional. Locker chandeliers come in a variety of styles and colors so you can pick one to match your unique style. Easily decorate your […]

Chandeliers For Lockers

How To Fill Up Water Balloons So you’re wondering how to fill up water balloons? Well it’s certainly not the old fashioned way, that is so tedious and time consuming. You can spend hours filling and tying the balloons, only for the kids to need more made. The fastest way to fill up water balloons […]

How To Fill Up Water Balloons

Make Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume Lots of little girls (and big girls too) adore Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and want to dress like her for playtime or Halloween. But what if you can’t find a Dorothy costume or they are just plain too expensive? A great option is to make a Wizard […]

Make Wizard Of Oz Dorothy Costume

Orbeez Children’s Foot Spa Relax and unwind from the day with an orbeez children’s foot spa. A lot of people don’t think kids have stress or need catering to. But that is just plain wrong. We try to shelter our children from the stresses of life. Unfortunately it’s just not possible to protect them from […]

Orbeez Children’s Foot Spa

Slush Cup Maker On a hot steamy summer day, turn your boring liquid drink into a cold refreshing icee with a slush cup maker. Slushies are a tasty treat and cool you off. However, buying them at a snowball stand can be expensive, especially for a family. Not only do you save money by making […]

Slush Cup Maker

Building Drinking Straws The building drinking straws toy as seen on TV, really isn’t a new concept. Pretty cool, never the less. Some of the latest ones are marketed as super sipperz costing ten dollars and offering free straw glasses with purchase. Who knew you could have fun with straws? Let you take your imagination […]

Building Drinking Straws

Crayola Digital Art Turn your apple ipad into a digital art canvas with crayola digitools. Create stunning digital pictures with a touch of your finger using virtual colored pencils, markers and crayons in vibrant crayola colors. Crayola digitools are available in 3D effects, glitter, stencils or a deluxe pack which contains all 3. Requires ipad […]

Crayola Digital Art

Fuze Wheel Bike Writer Lights The fuze wheel bike writer lights will make your bicycle the coolest one on the street. When I first saw the commercial I thought it was called a fuze wheel rider but I see now why it’s a wheel writer. Flashing lights and pictures, even your speed magically appear in […]

Fuze Wheel Bike Writer Lights

Gray Away Hair Color Spray The Gray away hair color spray won’t flake like some similar products will do. It is only temporary though, and it will wash out with shampoo. I like that though, because I don’t have to put harsh chemicals on my hair to cover my gray. I simply spray this on, […]

Gray Away Hair Spray

Real Looking Temporary Tattoos Adults As an adult the main thing I like about tattoos that are real looking is you can change them as often as you change your shirt if you want. By using real looking temporary tattoos you can switch them out to match your mood or your outfit. Getting a real […]

Real Looking Temporary Tattoos Adults

Cornhole Boards Decal Wraps Dress up your cornhole boards with a decal or wraps for any occasion. With warm weather quickly approaching it will be time to pull out and dust off the ole cornhole board. Wrap it up for game day, nascar events, tailgating. wedding, beach days or heck just because. Don’t leave your […]

Cornhole Boards Decal Wraps

Fortune Cookie Maker Machine Do you love fortune cookies? Now you can make them in the comfort of your own home, with a fabulous fortune cookie maker machine and supplies! Thought to be based on a Japanese cracker recipe, in China fortune cookies are not popular, and perhaps not even found, but are often served […]

Fortune Cookie Maker Machine

This Alarm Clock Head Pops Off Have you seen the alarm clock that head pops off on TV? The clocky alarm clocks are the fun way to get your kids to get out of bed. Do you have a teen that seems impossible to get up in the morning, like I do? Every morning, especially […]

Alarm Clock Head Pops Off

Country Laundry Room Decorations I love the country decorations in my home, and when it comes to decorating I can’t leave out my laundry room. Country decor keeps my country style going throughout the house right down to the laundry room. Country finds it’s way into all rooms of my home. Are you thinking about […]

Country Laundry Room Decorations

The Best Sprinkler Pools & Mats A sprinkler pool or mat is the perfect way for toddlers and kids to cool off on a hot summer day. They love to see the water squirt and spray from the pool. Babies will giggle with delight trying to catch the water as it shoots up like a […]

Kids & Toddlers Love Sprinkle Pools & Mats

Turtle Dream Light You know those cute turtle dream light they advertise on television? They are a plush animal that also provides a night light. When children feel scared of the dark they can cuddle up to their dreamlight stuffed animal and be comforted. Aside from being cute and cuddly the turtle night light projects […]

Turtle Dream Light

iphone/ ipod Case For Baby Protect your iphone or ipod with an iphone case for baby. Every parent knows babies are strangely fascinated with iphones and ipods and can be quite vocal in asking to have their own playtime with them. Parents are of course, tempted to hand over their expensive gadgets but worry about […]

iphone Case For Baby