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Necklaces Featuring Morganite- The Pink Gemstone The subtle pink hue of the morganite stone radiates calm and serenity. Add this gemstone to a beautiful necklace setting and it’s easy to be wowed by the brilliance of a special piece of jewelry. This collection of Morganite Necklaces and Pendants features a wide array of shapes, styles […]

Morganite Necklaces and Pendants

Peacock Ore- The Cleansing Stone Peacock Ore is one of the most unique and interesting stones that I have ever come across. The colors are somewhat iridescent and I love the way it shines. It looks quite beautiful when it is polished and in a jewelry setting. Peacock Ore is now on my wish list […]

Peacock Ore Properties

A Fun and Practical Way to Get Organized Personalize just about any room with a Funky Wall Hook. Not only are these wall hooks fun and contemporary, but they may become a conversation piece. There is a large variety of styles to suit any taste and decor. Decorate with a few together or add one […]

Funky Wall Hooks

Wall Decor For A Funky and Contemporary Style Looking for wall decor to enhance your living space with a fun contemporary look? This collection of Wall Art features the best in Funky Wall Decor. Perfect for a variety of living spaces, when you want something a bit extra-ordinary. Convenient to order from a trusted seller […]

Funky Wall Decor

Funny SNL Costumes  WMU – Snl Wayne Excellent Wig/Hat Looking for funny Saturday Night Live costumes for a Costume Party or Halloween? There are plenty of hilarious costumes to choose from including THESE CLASSICS…..More Cowbell, Spartan Cheerleaders, Wayne’s World and Killer Bees. Check out this crazy collection of the best SNL costumes. Saturday Night Live […]

Saturday Night Live Costumes

Moonstone Is A Holder of Many Properties Ana Silver Co Rainbow Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 1 1/2 When I first heard of this stone I was very intrigued and had to find out more about it. I enjoy researching gemstones and minerals and learning about their special qualities. I was pleased to find that […]

Moonstone- The Calming Gem

My Favorite Seasoning is Old Bay As far as I’m concerned, this is the best seasoning in the entire world. As a young Marylander I grew up on this stuff. As an adult, I am never without a can or two of Old Bay Seasoning in my spice cabinet. Anyone who lives on Maryland’s Eastern […]

Season with Old Bay

What happens when a strange group of mismatched individuals end up dazed and disoriented in an odd cube shaped structure with no idea how they got there?  Cube Let’s just say there are several issues that come into play in the movie, Cube. First of all, you get the feeling that they are there for […]

CUBE- A Movie Review

A Special Collection of Ruby Necklaces  Celtic Hands Holding Heart Created Ruby Diamond Claddagh Pendant 10k When thinking of pretty gemstones, I think that rubies are one of the most gorgeous. If you have ever heard the term “jewel tones” this is the shade of deep red that is being described. I can’t see how […]

Ruby Necklaces for July Birthdays

A Peridot Necklace…Gem of the Sun A beautiful peridot necklace is such a stunning and captivating piece of jewelry. Named Gem of the Sun by the ancient Egyptians, peridot is a bright and sparkling gemstone with a rich green hue. Set into a lovely necklace, the peridot is sure to turn heads and draw compliments. […]

Peridot Necklaces- An August Birthstone

The Tingler-A Review  The TinglerCheck Price Growing up with an older brother can sometimes be fun, except for when he wants to scare the living daylights out of you! This was the case with me, my brother and the movie The Tingler. Back in the day, there were no movies with high tech special effects […]

The Tingler- A Funny Horror Film Review

Is Wishbone Jewelry On Your Wish List? I love the way that unique and different jewelry makes me feel and the response that I get from people that notice my accessories. That’s why I like this selection of Wishbone Jewelry and especially this stunning gold wishbone necklace I have featured just below. It is captivating […]

Wishbone Jewelry

Funky Lights for Bedrooms, Dorm Rooms or Anywhere  Mini Dolphin Electra LampCheck Price This collection of fun and funky lights is filled with the best lamps that are perfect to spruce up a room and also provide some modern lighting. These cool and contemporary designs are bound to provide just the right look for dorm […]

Funky Dorm Lamps

Spiderman Dog Costumes for Fun and Play  Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Superhero Costume Spiderman – Size: MCheck Price Give your dog super-hero powers with a Spiderman Dog Costume. I remember my childhood days when no one dressed their dog for Halloween or any occasion for that matter. The only clothes that I remember […]

Spiderman Costumes for Dogs

The Blind Side is a special film that is meant to be shared.  The Blind SideCheck Price When I first heard about the movie The Blind Side, I was so intrigued. After all, Michael Oher, the pro football player who the movie is based upon, played for my favorite football team, the Baltimore Ravens. All […]

The Blind Side- A Personal Movie Review

A Special Collection of Horse Inspired Necklaces My favorite thing about this collection of necklaces is the detail. Each one is a little bit different, but they all have the prettiest attention to detail. Do you love horses and the beauty of such a magnificent animal? A lovely necklace that shows your love of horses […]

Horse Necklaces and Pendants

Clocks: A Distinctive Choice for Home and Office Decor Clocks are not only functional, but also stylish and decorative. These chic contemporary clocks are great accent pieces and include something for everyone. If you are looking for contemporary decor, a sleek and modern clock is the perfect accessory. This selection features a wide variety of […]

Chic Contemporary Clocks

Show Off Your Baking in a Pretty Pie Plate The best way to show off a delicious homemade pie or two is with beautiful pie plates. A stylish and good quality pie plate gives the pie a pretty look, bakes an incredible pie, and cleans up easily. I have several pretty pie plates that I […]

Pretty Pie Plates

Nothing But Trouble is a wacky, crazy movie that will keep you laughing and glued to your seat the whole way through!  Nothing But Trouble (1991)Check Price I first saw this film on a lovely VHS tape rental not long after the it hit the theaters. You see, Nothing But Trouble was what we call […]

Nothing But Trouble- A Wacky Film

Celebrating the Northern Lights with Jewelry Enjoy Your Own Northern Lights Though I have not seen the Aurora Borealis in person, I look at the photos in amazement. They are absolutely spectacular. Imagine duplicating this beautiful light display into the most gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Aurora Borealis jewelry features lovely clear crystals that reflect the […]

Aurora Borealis Jewelry

When my daughter started college, out of all the gear that she took to school, her favorite accessory was her Zip ID Case. I heard over and over again how much she loved it how she wished that she had one in high school. Funny how a small ID case can be so important for […]

College ID Cases from Vera Bradley

Egg and Pancake Rings For A Fun Breakfast An egg ring or pancake ring will make perfect sized eggs and professional looking pancakes every time. Breakfast can be such a special time for a family meal and these gadgets can bring a bit of fun to the table. Choose from simple ring designs to cute […]

Egg and Pancake Rings

Necklaces Inspired by the Moon A ray of moonlight shining in my window is such a beautiful sight! I love the moon and always find myself attracted to jewelry inspired by the moon. A crescent moon in sterling silver with an adoring fairy is so pretty in a detailed necklace.There are so many ways to […]

Celestial Moon Necklaces

Lovely Blue Topaz Bracelets A Blue Topaz Bracelet is a thoughtful and treasured gift for someone special, whether for a December birthday or any time of year. A lovely gift that will be enjoyed time and time again. The eye-catching beauty of the Blue Topaz gemstone is both luxurious and chic. The rich blue color […]

Blue Topaz Bracelets

Easy Baked Donuts at Home I love donuts but very seldom eat them since they are high in fat. These donut pans make delicious donuts without the grease and fat of regular donuts because they are baked. They are available in many shapes and sizes and even giant ones for some really big donuts! They […]

Make Donuts the Easy Way With A Donut Pan

Beverage Tubs Make Entertaining Easy for Holiday Parties Party Beverage Tubs are a must-have for all of your entertaining, holiday and party needs. They keep any type of beverage chilled from soft drinks to beer and wine. Add beverages, fill with ice and the party is started. No worries about your guests trying to find […]

Party Beverage Tubs

The Golden Stone for November Citrine Earrings feature this beautiful gemstone in the loveliest of settings. The gemstone Citrine is made from the finest quartz and gives a most beautiful golden glow to pretty earrings. There are many eye-catching and unique styles to choose from with different accents and shapes. Citrine is the birthstone for […]

Citrine Earrings

Cute Ladybug Flags for Three Seasons These cute ladybug flags are just the sweetest welcome for your outside entry areas. Put these flags out in spring and enjoy throughout the summer months and into fall. There are many sizes and designs to choose from including garden flags and house flags. How delightful to have a […]

Say Welcome With A Ladybug Flag

Find A Stylish Ironing Board Cover I like to have a cute ironing board cover for those occasions when I need to do some ironing. My favorites are bright and happy designs that make my ironing task much more enjoyable. A fresh cover keeps clothes in tip-top shape and reduces the risks of staining or […]

Stylish Ironing Board Covers and Pads

Mini Ice Bags Mini Ice Bags have so many uses that I don’t think I could do without mine. These small pouches are actually very big on comfort and help in many different ways. Mini Ice Bags are not only for filling with ice, but can be used with hot water too. I use mine […]

Mini Ice Bags

When I came across these earrings, I was quite impressed with the beautiful blue stones and I thought they looked stunning in the sterling silver setting. 925 Sterling Silver Bali Inspired Blue Lapis Gemstone Filigree Teardrop Dangle EarringsCheck Price The blue color is so deep and I was curious as to why they had gold […]

Lapis Lazuli

Silver Angel Charms Do you believe in angels? If you do, this collection of pretty angel charms are just the right jewelry accessory. There is something special about wearing an angel charm that lets everyone know that you believe. If you are a person of faith, this is a lovely way to convey your beliefs. […]

Silver Angel Charms